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3 ways to market with class on social platforms

Mashable recenty posted an infographic from Vocus that highlights the increased number of transactions occurring on Facebook and debates whether the platform is dominantly used as a water cooler or a marketplace.  It concluded 50% of online sales will occur via social media by 2015. The reason for its success, as many consumers and eCommerce business owners […]

Case Study: Site Redesign for Integra Backup Services

There is no formula for redesigning a site. Each company has a different brand mood and objective, changing the site’s structure and message. With the site for Integra System Technologies, there was no inventory, shopping cart, or checkout system. The goal was not to directly drive sales, but to instill confidence and trust in the data backup services of Integra.

Why do you need protection? How does its backup system work? Why choose Integra instead of a competitor? Here’s how we addressed these concerns:

If you lead a customer to Booze Carriage, he will definitely drink.

For our redesign of the Booze Carriage website, we started with three major goals. The site had to be functional, informative, and fun! The client relayed they wanted a modern design and we tried to carry over the functional aspects of the old site with an updated look and more usability. As a result, the shopping process is easy to navigate and looks better than ever.

Do you have to speak good to sell online? Not really.

The internet is full of condescending lists of spelling and grammar mistakes you “need” to avoid. Bad syntax, synonyms, homonyms, homophones, phony phrases – all grave errors even the most careful writers could make. According to the naysayers, these faux pas could result in disasters ranging from decreased consumer confidence and conversion rates to the extinction of the Panamanian jaguar.

But don’t rush to save the rainforest just yet – most mistakes aren’t worth worrying over. If you want your copy to stay up to snuff, you only have to keep the following in mind.

Build a Better Brand: Start with a style guide

The serenity of your local Starbucks. The happy “surprise” of an Amazon delivery. The purposeful craftsmanship of an iPhone. Successful brands resonate with customers on a fundamentally emotional level. They make buyers feel things, associating emotions with seemingly mundane actions like making a phone call or buying dish detergent online. It’s subconscious. It’s Pavlovian.

And it all starts with a style guide.

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