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The 2013 Nielsen Outlook: Ripen's Takeaway

Nielsen just released their online advertising performance outlook for 2013. A good portion of it is not surprising; mobile, social media, and video will see an increase in advertising spend; marketers are hungry for better metrics to measure performance; brand advertising will see an increase. But, as always, there’s a subjective interpretation to this data. Today our Marketing Director David Rekuc weighs in with his views on the data.

Why ordering lunch from Chipotle is a lesson in eCommerce

Our office loves Chipotle. Don’t get us started on which burrito bowl set-up is better because we’ve got the flavor combos down to a science. But besides the cilantro corn salsa and savory braised carnitas, there is something else we love about the Mexican grill – it has a super convenient online ordering system. It’s a great example of how a business can benefit from its popularity instead of falling into the same traps its competitor’s do. So here we present the three ways Chipotle makes group ordering a more pleasant shopping experience.

Case Study: Site Redesign for Integra Backup Services

There is no formula for redesigning a site. Each company has a different brand mood and objective, changing the site’s structure and message. With the site for Integra System Technologies, there was no inventory, shopping cart, or checkout system. The goal was not to directly drive sales, but to instill confidence and trust in the data backup services of Integra.

Why do you need protection? How does its backup system work? Why choose Integra instead of a competitor? Here’s how we addressed these concerns:

Learn from this: "Around the World in 80 Jobs" fiasco

The human resource consulting company, Adecco, is in the midst of receiving a major public backlash from its launch of the competition Around the World in 80 Jobs. The marketing campaign blatantly rips off the site and domain of the same name run by blogger/adventurer/career hunter Turner Barr. Although Barr has been using the brand creatively for the past two years, Adecco recently grabbed the trademark to the name. Whether this was intentional on Adecco’s part or an insurmountably huge oversight, Barr’s supporters and creatives from all over the world have jumped on social feeds to publicize the event and call out Adecco.

Although the situation is still unfolding, it serves as a lesson to eCommerce companies and marketers alike. Let’s start with a few tips to avoid trademark infringement on moving forward with creative marketing and branding ideas.

"Creative Day" highlights personal marketing

Recently, Adobe and a digital artist collaborated at a downtown bus stop to Photoshop unsuspecting pedestrians during “Adobe Creative Day.” The digital artist snapped photos of people sitting at the bus stop and quickly distorted, added backgrounds and played around with the image. The pedestrians could see his work live on a large screen that replaced the banner ad on the bus stop wall next to them.

As amusing as this stunt is, it is also interesting to note the power of advertising directed towards a single person. Seeing your own name, image or even features about yourself commented on (i.e. a hair commercial “Calling all blondes!”) is a powerful attention-grabber. Here are a couple of economical ways eCommerce companies can direct their advertising towards a single person:

If you lead a customer to Booze Carriage, he will definitely drink.

For our redesign of the Booze Carriage website, we started with three major goals. The site had to be functional, informative, and fun! The client relayed they wanted a modern design and we tried to carry over the functional aspects of the old site with an updated look and more usability. As a result, the shopping process is easy to navigate and looks better than ever.

Shoppable Video: Merging entertainment with eCommerce

Shoppable video, an interactive film that showcases products that can be selected and purchased, is one of the most interactive and innovative eCommerce experiences we’ve seen this year. It’s bound to be profitable – after all, combining shopping and entertainment is what advertisers have been doing since they created cartoon mascots for sugary cereals.

The real question is how can brands best execute messages in this medium? So far there have been a couple of methods attempted by various companies, each with interesting results. Here are three videos which take different approaches to the shoppable video, as well as advice for those looking to follow suit.

Promote old products with the ruby slipper approach

When you’re in the sequin-studded slipper business, it’s not easy to keep customers engaged in your products. After a while, brand awareness doesn’t have the returns it used to, and everyone feels like they know your product line inside and out. Sure, your shoes are shinier than the competition… but how much can R&D really […]

If you build it (exceedingly well), they will come

Trade shows are a unique platform for brands to engage with customers and the media. They’re the perfect way for your audience to directly interact with your newest products – a simultaneously exciting an daunting opportunity. Well executed booths will wow consumers and business owners; middling showings will be forgotten or, worse yet, they’ll leave a bad taste in the mouths of would-be buyers. Strong strategic and creative direction at every stage of planning are necessary to create a trade show experience that is both exciting and cost effective.

For the second year, Ripen eCommerce is proud to have crafted a successful trade show presence for Happy Chef, a leading culinary apparel manufacturer and provider. The booth, which appeared at the 2013 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, IL, was designed to attract potential customers and introduce them to the company’s newest restaurant and foodservice attire. While we knew many attendees would be familiar with Happy Chef, thousands of others would be discovering it for the first time. Product selection, targeting, and messaging were all carefully selected with both these audiences in mind.

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