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The 18 Most Terrifying Brand Fails

Whether they are social media goofs, design errors, mispoken words, or technological woopsies, there’s no taking a retail fail back once it has gone viral. Inspired by Walmart’s recent “fat girl” fail and this week’s impending holiday, here is our list of the most terrifying gaffs we’ve seen from brands in the last five years:

6 sales-boosting design trends for eCommerce

eCommerce owners have a seemingly limitless number of ways to design a site and achieve a desired look and feel. Unfortunately, limitless isn’t a term e-retailers have in their budgets. Our Art Director, Dilek Katgi, breaks down 6 design trends that make sense for eCommerce and shouldn’t be going out of style anytime soon:

$1.79 trillion abandoned in shopping carts – stop your customers from leaving [Infographic]

A constant struggle in eCommerce conversion rate optimization is reducing shopping cart abandonment. Your visitors have shown a great deal of interest in your product, they’ve even put it in their shopping cart, so why are you still losing two thirds of them? Here’s how to win back some of those abandoners and get your […]

Inventive thinking: Don't think about the box at all

“Think outside the box.”

You’ve heard it a million times. When everyone in the field is zigging, zagging can help you stand out in an oversaturated one-size-fits-all market. The Mini Cooper’s “big” debut during a time of ever-expanding SUV cabins is a memorable example.

But even reactionary stances like these pale in comparison to truly creative approaches.

Sometimes the right answer isn’t inside or outside the box.

Sometimes the box just doesn’t matter.

New security service tracks eCommerce fraud

Relying on stretched budgets and small staff, start-up eCommerce companies usually struggle in their first year to balance the workload of inventory levels, web development and promotions. It may seem like a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and their investors, but it’s not all fun and cha-ching! Behind every offer sent out for a free trial or starter credit is a young company putting itself at risk. For overwhelmed and less-than-experienced businesses, services like Sift Science are a lifesaver.

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