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Category Archives: Social Media

The 2013 Nielsen Outlook: Ripen's Takeaway

Nielsen just released their online advertising performance outlook for 2013. A good portion of it is not surprising; mobile, social media, and video will see an increase in advertising spend; marketers are hungry for better metrics to measure performance; brand advertising will see an increase. But, as always, there’s a subjective interpretation to this data. Today our Marketing Director David Rekuc weighs in with his views on the data.

Make sure your Facebook content is seen

Facebook recently announced they are simplifying ads and releasing new features, making many marketers wonder what is currently the most impactful way to reach their audiences on the platform. One of the few sources that has remained highly influential on the constantly changing site is the news feed, where users spend about 27% of their time (not including mobile use). But not everything you post appears at the top of the news feed. To make sure your Page’s content is viewed and interacted with, you need to understand the formula which governs which material hits the top of your feeds – EdgeRank.

Learn from this: "Around the World in 80 Jobs" fiasco

The human resource consulting company, Adecco, is in the midst of receiving a major public backlash from its launch of the competition Around the World in 80 Jobs. The marketing campaign blatantly rips off the site and domain of the same name run by blogger/adventurer/career hunter Turner Barr. Although Barr has been using the brand creatively for the past two years, Adecco recently grabbed the trademark to the name. Whether this was intentional on Adecco’s part or an insurmountably huge oversight, Barr’s supporters and creatives from all over the world have jumped on social feeds to publicize the event and call out Adecco.

Although the situation is still unfolding, it serves as a lesson to eCommerce companies and marketers alike. Let’s start with a few tips to avoid trademark infringement on moving forward with creative marketing and branding ideas.

Enterprise shopping cart features: Our must-have checkout checklist

In real life, the shopping cart is the most fun part of going to the store. You can ride push it around the building, fill it with goods you may or may not be able to afford, and use it as a type of barometer for how much you really need that pair of Hello Kitty sunglasses. It’s a blast.

Shouldn’t your eCommerce shopping cart be just as exciting for you and your customers? We certainly think so – that’s why we’ve put together a list of important enterprise shopping cart features that will awaken your eCommerce customers’ inner shopaholics. Enact these changes today and you’ll see profits soar.

"Creative Day" highlights personal marketing

Recently, Adobe and a digital artist collaborated at a downtown bus stop to Photoshop unsuspecting pedestrians during “Adobe Creative Day.” The digital artist snapped photos of people sitting at the bus stop and quickly distorted, added backgrounds and played around with the image. The pedestrians could see his work live on a large screen that replaced the banner ad on the bus stop wall next to them.

As amusing as this stunt is, it is also interesting to note the power of advertising directed towards a single person. Seeing your own name, image or even features about yourself commented on (i.e. a hair commercial “Calling all blondes!”) is a powerful attention-grabber. Here are a couple of economical ways eCommerce companies can direct their advertising towards a single person:

Going viral: Steps to making your content share-able

In online sales and marketing, invisible content is useless. The more shares and engagement of a social media post or blog article, the higher the chance your post will be noticed by potential buyers. With enough engagement your posts will start to become viral, which gets eyeballs on your content and establishes your brand as an industry expert. Here are a few things you can do to help push your content toward virality.

How retargeting works on Facebook Exchange

Let’s say you’ve been thinking about doing some gardening. You’ve done a little research, looked up supply prices, and ended up on a couple mulch-minded eCommerce stores. Isn’t it convenient, then, when you log on to Facebook and see an ad for discount fertilizer and garden tools smack-dab in the middle of your newsfeed?

While retargeting is pretty commonplace in other areas, it’s just arrived on Facebook via the new program, Exchange. Now you have access to the billions of page daily page views and can retarget users who are most likely to buy from your site. Here’s how it works:

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