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Google updates search algorithm with Hummingbird

Active on about 90% of searches, Hummingbird is the name of the biggest update to Google since 2010’s Caffeine, which adapted search to rapidly updated information and allowed for faster responses in general. What we know so far is that Hummingbird will let Google handle longer queries more deftly and be better able to process searches in question form (in addition to keyword queries).

New security service tracks eCommerce fraud

Relying on stretched budgets and small staff, start-up eCommerce companies usually struggle in their first year to balance the workload of inventory levels, web development and promotions. It may seem like a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and their investors, but it’s not all fun and cha-ching! Behind every offer sent out for a free trial or starter credit is a young company putting itself at risk. For overwhelmed and less-than-experienced businesses, services like Sift Science are a lifesaver.

Solve your eCommerce problems like a 6-year old

When I was a kid, my sister and I built a massive town out of Legos on our bedroom floor. You couldn’t step into the room without almost crushing a mini resort, town bank, or prison. It was intense. But as the building continued, we ran into problems. We didn’t have a giant to crush the bank robbers. There wasn’t rope for a tightrope walker and the Lego people needed pillows. My sister found the solution. We didn’t have to only use Legos. Soon action figures, office supplies, and mini marshmallows all played their part in the construction of Legotopia. We used whatever we needed to solve our creation issues. And it was a masterpiece.

When solving problems in commerce, it’s easy to think like I once did – that you can only used the approved parts. Offline problems should have offline solutions and vice versa. But developers are finding unique fixes in other areas of their field. The toy box is changing.

Why ordering lunch from Chipotle is a lesson in eCommerce

Our office loves Chipotle. Don’t get us started on which burrito bowl set-up is better because we’ve got the flavor combos down to a science. But besides the cilantro corn salsa and savory braised carnitas, there is something else we love about the Mexican grill – it has a super convenient online ordering system. It’s a great example of how a business can benefit from its popularity instead of falling into the same traps its competitor’s do. So here we present the three ways Chipotle makes group ordering a more pleasant shopping experience.

"Creative Day" highlights personal marketing

Recently, Adobe and a digital artist collaborated at a downtown bus stop to Photoshop unsuspecting pedestrians during “Adobe Creative Day.” The digital artist snapped photos of people sitting at the bus stop and quickly distorted, added backgrounds and played around with the image. The pedestrians could see his work live on a large screen that replaced the banner ad on the bus stop wall next to them.

As amusing as this stunt is, it is also interesting to note the power of advertising directed towards a single person. Seeing your own name, image or even features about yourself commented on (i.e. a hair commercial “Calling all blondes!”) is a powerful attention-grabber. Here are a couple of economical ways eCommerce companies can direct their advertising towards a single person:

Google search gets friendly

When Apple’s voice activated personal assistant, Siri, was released, it felt like a major step towards a long coveted, sci-fi utopia of artificially intelligent robots at your command. The reality was less exciting. Siri mishears you, constantly replies with “I don’t understand that” and gives you directions to the wrong places. Not to mention her tendency to cut you off in the middle of a command while you’re left staring at the light circling around Apple’s microphone image.

All this is about to change, or at least get a little better with the new Conversational Search from Google. Although the voice search tool has been live for a while now (it’s that little microphone in the search bar), the new version uses contextual clues to understand the progression of the conversation to better find the information. That’s right. It’s learning.

If you lead a customer to Booze Carriage, he will definitely drink.

For our redesign of the Booze Carriage website, we started with three major goals. The site had to be functional, informative, and fun! The client relayed they wanted a modern design and we tried to carry over the functional aspects of the old site with an updated look and more usability. As a result, the shopping process is easy to navigate and looks better than ever.

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