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Google’s DoubleClick hooks up with Facebook Exchange

The rivalry between Google’s DoubleClick (DC) and Facebook Exchange (FBX) is all but ending with the announcement that marketers can now FBX ads through DC. It’s unclear who extended the olive branch, but increased reach and frequency on retargeting means more ad spend for Google and a chunk going to Facebook, making it mutually beneficial.

Google offers local retailers PLAs

Google’s Product Listing Ads and location info from Maps are about to merge. The search engine has announced it will start allowing users to see close physical storefronts in their PLAs as well as eCommerce stores when searching for a specific product or service. So while the search used to deliver relevant ads for online listings, it will soon show a mix of nearby businesses and online stores selling the product.

New security service tracks eCommerce fraud

Relying on stretched budgets and small staff, start-up eCommerce companies usually struggle in their first year to balance the workload of inventory levels, web development and promotions. It may seem like a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and their investors, but it’s not all fun and cha-ching! Behind every offer sent out for a free trial or starter credit is a young company putting itself at risk. For overwhelmed and less-than-experienced businesses, services like Sift Science are a lifesaver.

3 ways to market with class on social platforms

Mashable recenty posted an infographic from Vocus that highlights the increased number of transactions occurring on Facebook and debates whether the platform is dominantly used as a water cooler or a marketplace.  It concluded 50% of online sales will occur via social media by 2015. The reason for its success, as many consumers and eCommerce business owners […]

Anything the middleman can do, can you do better?

With the current saturation of eCommerce retailers, it’s essential to keep costs competitive. Instant online comparisons can make or break a sale. So how do you hold the lowest price without sacrificing the quality your customers count on (and make a little money on the way)? We’ve been noticing an interesting trend in that area. More and more, eCommerce companies are cutting out the middleman and his fees. This has allowed a more personal branding and a more convenient service to the customer. Now, you as the service provider can monitor quality and make changes more quickly. Here are a few successful techniques and the eCommerce companies that champion them.

Make sure your Facebook content is seen

Facebook recently announced they are simplifying ads and releasing new features, making many marketers wonder what is currently the most impactful way to reach their audiences on the platform. One of the few sources that has remained highly influential on the constantly changing site is the news feed, where users spend about 27% of their time (not including mobile use). But not everything you post appears at the top of the news feed. To make sure your Page’s content is viewed and interacted with, you need to understand the formula which governs which material hits the top of your feeds – EdgeRank.

Learn from this: "Around the World in 80 Jobs" fiasco

The human resource consulting company, Adecco, is in the midst of receiving a major public backlash from its launch of the competition Around the World in 80 Jobs. The marketing campaign blatantly rips off the site and domain of the same name run by blogger/adventurer/career hunter Turner Barr. Although Barr has been using the brand creatively for the past two years, Adecco recently grabbed the trademark to the name. Whether this was intentional on Adecco’s part or an insurmountably huge oversight, Barr’s supporters and creatives from all over the world have jumped on social feeds to publicize the event and call out Adecco.

Although the situation is still unfolding, it serves as a lesson to eCommerce companies and marketers alike. Let’s start with a few tips to avoid trademark infringement on moving forward with creative marketing and branding ideas.

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