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2015 Shopping Cart Abandonment [Infographic]

If you’re an online retailer, chances are you already consider shopping cart abandonment a major thorn in your side. In fact, according to eMarketer, shoppers abandon their digital shopping carts roughly two-thirds of the time. But all hope is not lost – you can get a leg up on other online merchants by implementing a couple of quick fixes on your site and paying special attention to your users’ mobile experience.

Google Makes “Store Visits” Trackable

In a huge move for online to offline conversion tracking, Google launched a new metric in AdWords called “Store Visits.” Using data from Google Maps and Location History in iPhones and Androids, this metric estimates how many store visits are connected to searches and clicks in a certain proximity to a retail location. The implications […]

Why Bad Weather Means Good Business

For most adults, snow days are less than magical. But eCommerce owners can rejoice – all that precipitation limits the amount of shopping consumers can do in brick and mortar stores, leading them to browse online. Online retailers have seen significantly higher sales on days with a ton of snow.

Make Your Selling Season More Merry [Infographic]

It’s T-minus 11 days and counting until the largest U.S. shopping holiday of the year. By now, you should have a pretty solid holiday strategy. But there are three site policies that may warrant a second look – delivery, shipping, and returns. Our holiday infographic illustrates the importance of these policies in Q4.

Cool Tool Tuesday: The Pingdom And the Power

The phrase “what a slow website” has never been used as a compliment. In fact, you could be losing customers for every 0.1 seconds extra your website takes to load. But what can you do to speed up your more sluggish sections? Instead of asking our blog rhetorical questions, you can find the answers with Pingdom’s free speed […]

The 18 Most Terrifying Brand Fails

Whether they are social media goofs, design errors, mispoken words, or technological woopsies, there’s no taking a retail fail back once it has gone viral. Inspired by Walmart’s recent “fat girl” fail and this week’s impending holiday, here is our list of the most terrifying gaffs we’ve seen from brands in the last five years:

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