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Google offers local retailers PLAs

Google’s Product Listing Ads and location info from Maps are about to merge. The search engine has announced it will start allowing users to see close physical storefronts in their PLAs as well as eCommerce stores when searching for a specific product or service. So while the search used to deliver relevant ads for online listings, it will soon show a mix of nearby businesses and online stores selling the product.

Inventive thinking: Don't think about the box at all

“Think outside the box.”

You’ve heard it a million times. When everyone in the field is zigging, zagging can help you stand out in an oversaturated one-size-fits-all market. The Mini Cooper’s “big” debut during a time of ever-expanding SUV cabins is a memorable example.

But even reactionary stances like these pale in comparison to truly creative approaches.

Sometimes the right answer isn’t inside or outside the box.

Sometimes the box just doesn’t matter.

Google updates search algorithm with Hummingbird

Active on about 90% of searches, Hummingbird is the name of the biggest update to Google since 2010’s Caffeine, which adapted search to rapidly updated information and allowed for faster responses in general. What we know so far is that Hummingbird will let Google handle longer queries more deftly and be better able to process searches in question form (in addition to keyword queries).

New security service tracks eCommerce fraud

Relying on stretched budgets and small staff, start-up eCommerce companies usually struggle in their first year to balance the workload of inventory levels, web development and promotions. It may seem like a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and their investors, but it’s not all fun and cha-ching! Behind every offer sent out for a free trial or starter credit is a young company putting itself at risk. For overwhelmed and less-than-experienced businesses, services like Sift Science are a lifesaver.

3 ways to market with class on social platforms

Mashable recenty posted an infographic from Vocus that highlights the increased number of transactions occurring on Facebook and debates whether the platform is dominantly used as a water cooler or a marketplace.  It concluded 50% of online sales will occur via social media by 2015. The reason for its success, as many consumers and eCommerce business owners […]

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