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In Your Brand’s Best Pinterest

Just four years from its beta launch in 2010, Pinterest has 2.5 million page views per month, making it the fastest growing social platform today.

But its popularity is not the only draw – Pinterest is more successful than Twitter and Facebook at turning followers into consumers. Here is a quick roadmap for adopting (or improving) your Pinterest eCommerce strategy.

The 2013 Nielsen Outlook: Ripen's Takeaway

Nielsen just released their online advertising performance outlook for 2013. A good portion of it is not surprising; mobile, social media, and video will see an increase in advertising spend; marketers are hungry for better metrics to measure performance; brand advertising will see an increase. But, as always, there’s a subjective interpretation to this data. Today our Marketing Director David Rekuc weighs in with his views on the data.

Solve your eCommerce problems like a 6-year old

When I was a kid, my sister and I built a massive town out of Legos on our bedroom floor. You couldn’t step into the room without almost crushing a mini resort, town bank, or prison. It was intense. But as the building continued, we ran into problems. We didn’t have a giant to crush the bank robbers. There wasn’t rope for a tightrope walker and the Lego people needed pillows. My sister found the solution. We didn’t have to only use Legos. Soon action figures, office supplies, and mini marshmallows all played their part in the construction of Legotopia. We used whatever we needed to solve our creation issues. And it was a masterpiece.

When solving problems in commerce, it’s easy to think like I once did – that you can only used the approved parts. Offline problems should have offline solutions and vice versa. But developers are finding unique fixes in other areas of their field. The toy box is changing.

Anything the middleman can do, can you do better?

With the current saturation of eCommerce retailers, it’s essential to keep costs competitive. Instant online comparisons can make or break a sale. So how do you hold the lowest price without sacrificing the quality your customers count on (and make a little money on the way)? We’ve been noticing an interesting trend in that area. More and more, eCommerce companies are cutting out the middleman and his fees. This has allowed a more personal branding and a more convenient service to the customer. Now, you as the service provider can monitor quality and make changes more quickly. Here are a few successful techniques and the eCommerce companies that champion them.

Why ordering lunch from Chipotle is a lesson in eCommerce

Our office loves Chipotle. Don’t get us started on which burrito bowl set-up is better because we’ve got the flavor combos down to a science. But besides the cilantro corn salsa and savory braised carnitas, there is something else we love about the Mexican grill – it has a super convenient online ordering system. It’s a great example of how a business can benefit from its popularity instead of falling into the same traps its competitor’s do. So here we present the three ways Chipotle makes group ordering a more pleasant shopping experience.

Enterprise shopping cart features: Our must-have checkout checklist

In real life, the shopping cart is the most fun part of going to the store. You can ride push it around the building, fill it with goods you may or may not be able to afford, and use it as a type of barometer for how much you really need that pair of Hello Kitty sunglasses. It’s a blast.

Shouldn’t your eCommerce shopping cart be just as exciting for you and your customers? We certainly think so – that’s why we’ve put together a list of important enterprise shopping cart features that will awaken your eCommerce customers’ inner shopaholics. Enact these changes today and you’ll see profits soar.