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Google’s DoubleClick hooks up with Facebook Exchange

The rivalry between Google’s DoubleClick (DC) and Facebook Exchange (FBX) is all but ending with the announcement that marketers can now FBX ads through DC. It’s unclear who extended the olive branch, but increased reach and frequency on retargeting means more ad spend for Google and a chunk going to Facebook, making it mutually beneficial.

3 ways to market with class on social platforms

Mashable recenty posted an infographic from Vocus that highlights the increased number of transactions occurring on Facebook and debates whether the platform is dominantly used as a water cooler or a marketplace.  It concluded 50% of online sales will occur via social media by 2015. The reason for its success, as many consumers and eCommerce business owners […]

The 2013 Nielsen Outlook: Ripen's Takeaway

Nielsen just released their online advertising performance outlook for 2013. A good portion of it is not surprising; mobile, social media, and video will see an increase in advertising spend; marketers are hungry for better metrics to measure performance; brand advertising will see an increase. But, as always, there’s a subjective interpretation to this data. Today our Marketing Director David Rekuc weighs in with his views on the data.

Make sure your Facebook content is seen

Facebook recently announced they are simplifying ads and releasing new features, making many marketers wonder what is currently the most impactful way to reach their audiences on the platform. One of the few sources that has remained highly influential on the constantly changing site is the news feed, where users spend about 27% of their time (not including mobile use). But not everything you post appears at the top of the news feed. To make sure your Page’s content is viewed and interacted with, you need to understand the formula which governs which material hits the top of your feeds – EdgeRank.

Going viral: Steps to making your content share-able

In online sales and marketing, invisible content is useless. The more shares and engagement of a social media post or blog article, the higher the chance your post will be noticed by potential buyers. With enough engagement your posts will start to become viral, which gets eyeballs on your content and establishes your brand as an industry expert. Here are a few things you can do to help push your content toward virality.

How retargeting works on Facebook Exchange

Let’s say you’ve been thinking about doing some gardening. You’ve done a little research, looked up supply prices, and ended up on a couple mulch-minded eCommerce stores. Isn’t it convenient, then, when you log on to Facebook and see an ad for discount fertilizer and garden tools smack-dab in the middle of your newsfeed?

While retargeting is pretty commonplace in other areas, it’s just arrived on Facebook via the new program, Exchange. Now you have access to the billions of page daily page views and can retarget users who are most likely to buy from your site. Here’s how it works:

Facebook CPA advertising helps businesses budget ad spend

Facebook is introducing CPA (Cost-Per-Action) marketing in addition to their CPC (Cost-Per-Click) service, giving businesses more options for advertising on the social media platform. The service will run on a bidding format, with marketers offering the most they are willing to pay for an action such as a page like or offer claim. Facebook takes those bids and serves them to targeted users who are most likely to perform that action. So what does this mean for eCommerce advertisers?

Why should you Social Care?

Integrating Social Media Care (also called Social Care) into your customer service program is quickly becoming a necessity. It can be used to effectively respond to customers via your public profile while tracking and listening to conversations about your company. Social Care helps your business go beyond traditional customer service and allows your brand’s personality and rapport to flourish.