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Google’s DoubleClick hooks up with Facebook Exchange

The rivalry between Google’s DoubleClick (DC) and Facebook Exchange (FBX) is all but ending with the announcement that marketers can now FBX ads through DC. It’s unclear who extended the olive branch, but increased reach and frequency on retargeting means more ad spend for Google and a chunk going to Facebook, making it mutually beneficial.

Google offers local retailers PLAs

Google’s Product Listing Ads and location info from Maps are about to merge. The search engine has announced it will start allowing users to see close physical storefronts in their PLAs as well as eCommerce stores when searching for a specific product or service. So while the search used to deliver relevant ads for online listings, it will soon show a mix of nearby businesses and online stores selling the product.

Google updates search algorithm with Hummingbird

Active on about 90% of searches, Hummingbird is the name of the biggest update to Google since 2010’s Caffeine, which adapted search to rapidly updated information and allowed for faster responses in general. What we know so far is that Hummingbird will let Google handle longer queries more deftly and be better able to process searches in question form (in addition to keyword queries).

Google search gets friendly

When Apple’s voice activated personal assistant, Siri, was released, it felt like a major step towards a long coveted, sci-fi utopia of artificially intelligent robots at your command. The reality was less exciting. Siri mishears you, constantly replies with “I don’t understand that” and gives you directions to the wrong places. Not to mention her tendency to cut you off in the middle of a command while you’re left staring at the light circling around Apple’s microphone image.

All this is about to change, or at least get a little better with the new Conversational Search from Google. Although the voice search tool has been live for a while now (it’s that little microphone in the search bar), the new version uses contextual clues to understand the progression of the conversation to better find the information. That’s right. It’s learning.

How to Start an Online Store: Competitive research

Competition is natural. From the moment our predecessors crawled out of the ocean, they were at odds with one another: vying for food, comparing tan lines, and arguing over where to put beach chairs.

The eCommerce marketplace is basically the same (minus the sunburn). If you want to sell online, it’s important to remember there are a few big fish in the sea trying to do the same – not to mention thousands of little ones. That’s why competitive research is the natural progression from doing your own keyword research.

Switching to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

After the initial release of Google’s AdWords Enhanced Campaigns about three months ago, reps have confirmed that all campaigns will be rolled over to the new format as of July 22nd. If you haven’t heard about the adjustments or have just been dragging your feet updating it, here are a couple of things that are changing with new Enhanced Campaigns…