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2 Most Overlooked eCommerce Advertising Channels

Google’s AdWords service has historically been the biggest venue for capitalizing on shopping search terms. 66% of all “buy-ready” shopping queries end up on ads, so it should be no surprise that AdWords has remained dominant for high-volume marketing spend.

Looking to tighten its grip on that segment of eCommerce marketing, Google also opted to make its Froogle (Google Shopping) search results paid-only. The big G seemed determined to monetize nearly every online retail query on the web.

But increasingly, Amazon and Facebook are becoming better venues for marketing & remarketing. Now sellers who only relied on AdWords have more advertising options at all three major sites.

Did Apple just give its competition billions of new ad impressions?

When Apple announced they’d no longer be carrying YouTube as a default app on its iOS devices, the total number of people who were shocked was zero. After all, the two tech giants have been increasingly at each others’ throats since Android first encroached on iPhone territory. With plans of its own for revamping video and other content (maps, for instance), Apple was eager to edge Google products out of its standard software suite.

But with the return of the (now official*) YouTube app, it appears Apple’s snub will be paying dividends for both Google and mobile marketers.

How to Start an Online Store: Keyword research & costs

In the first part of our guide “How to Start an Online Store,” you learned everything you ever wanted to know about beakers. Incidentally, you also learned why doing research prior to starting your eCommerce enterprise is so important.

Today, we’ll be covering the how of keyword research, namely how to use the Google External Keyword Tool to plan your marketing efforts. Understanding exactly how powerful this utility is will give you a huge head start in the online marketplace.

How to Start an Online Store: Doing your research

You’re not a scientist, so the thought of doing extensive research before opening your online store might not sound appealing. Even if you are a scientist, you probably don’t see the value in researching keywords like “beaker sales” or “cheap online beakers” or whatever it is scientists actually care about. You probably just want to jump right into selling your products, whether they’re glass beakers, or metal beakers, or something weird like clothing.