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In Your Brand’s Best Pinterest

Just four years from its beta launch in 2010, Pinterest has 2.5 million page views per month, making it the fastest growing social platform today.

But its popularity is not the only draw – Pinterest is more successful than Twitter and Facebook at turning followers into consumers. Here is a quick roadmap for adopting (or improving) your Pinterest eCommerce strategy.

Google search gets friendly

When Apple’s voice activated personal assistant, Siri, was released, it felt like a major step towards a long coveted, sci-fi utopia of artificially intelligent robots at your command. The reality was less exciting. Siri mishears you, constantly replies with “I don’t understand that” and gives you directions to the wrong places. Not to mention her tendency to cut you off in the middle of a command while you’re left staring at the light circling around Apple’s microphone image.

All this is about to change, or at least get a little better with the new Conversational Search from Google. Although the voice search tool has been live for a while now (it’s that little microphone in the search bar), the new version uses contextual clues to understand the progression of the conversation to better find the information. That’s right. It’s learning.

Zuck unveils photo centric feed

Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s news feed, which was originally introduced in 2006, would be getting a facelift, so to speak. Now a “personalized newspaper,” the revamped social timeline, is being redesigned to better reflect the nature of today’s social sharing, according to Zuckerberg.

Relaunching a brand: Chefs Sharp video concept and production

Sometimes an eCommerce product launch isn’t actually for a new line, but for existing products that haven’t caught the eye of site visitors yet. For Happy Chef, this was readily apparent with their Chefs Sharp knives, cases, tools, and accessories. Chefs Sharp had been a part of the foodservice supplier’s inventory for a few years, but hadn’t gained particular traction, due to equal parts unawareness of consumers and deprioritization of marketing.

Chefs Sharp deserved its time in the spotlight. The only problem was determining how best to get the product line into the minds of culinary professionals. Knives have the primal reminiscent appeal of both weaponry and technology, but they’re also fairly simple tools with no moving parts or fancy features.

We needed to communicate to chefs why they should care about this relatively new brand, with messaging aimed at immediate sales and long-term interest in Chefs Sharp as a product line.

What Graph Search Means For Your Brand

After keeping the media in prolonged suspense, Facebook broke its silence on January 15th to announce the upcoming release of Graph Search. The new natural-language, social search tool allows users to find people who share common interests, locations, preferences and more.

Graph Search is in the process of its beta rolling out to Facebook users that requested an invite. What will its implementation mean for you and your brand?

Did Apple just give its competition billions of new ad impressions?

When Apple announced they’d no longer be carrying YouTube as a default app on its iOS devices, the total number of people who were shocked was zero. After all, the two tech giants have been increasingly at each others’ throats since Android first encroached on iPhone territory. With plans of its own for revamping video and other content (maps, for instance), Apple was eager to edge Google products out of its standard software suite.

But with the return of the (now official*) YouTube app, it appears Apple’s snub will be paying dividends for both Google and mobile marketers.