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Enterprise shopping cart features: Our must-have checkout checklist

In real life, the shopping cart is the most fun part of going to the store. You can ride push it around the building, fill it with goods you may or may not be able to afford, and use it as a type of barometer for how much you really need that pair of Hello Kitty sunglasses. It’s a blast.

Shouldn’t your eCommerce shopping cart be just as exciting for you and your customers? We certainly think so – that’s why we’ve put together a list of important enterprise shopping cart features that will awaken your eCommerce customers’ inner shopaholics. Enact these changes today and you’ll see profits soar.

How to Start an Online Store: Competitive research

Competition is natural. From the moment our predecessors crawled out of the ocean, they were at odds with one another: vying for food, comparing tan lines, and arguing over where to put beach chairs.

The eCommerce marketplace is basically the same (minus the sunburn). If you want to sell online, it’s important to remember there are a few big fish in the sea trying to do the same – not to mention thousands of little ones. That’s why competitive research is the natural progression from doing your own keyword research.

4 ways bad SEO is ruining your eCommerce site

If you’re trying to optimize your eCommerce site for search engines, you need an SEO strategy that isn’t just another tired old SEO pagerank solution. There’s lots of SEO advice out there… unfortunately the so-called search engine optimization experts often rely on outdated SEO practices and SEO tips – they don’t know the SEO secrets that will improve your Google search results.

Don’t worry, all this terrible, keyword-bloated intro exists to make a point: your current SEO strategy might be actively hurting your site… especially if it looks anything like this!

How to Start an Online Store: Keyword research & costs

In the first part of our guide “How to Start an Online Store,” you learned everything you ever wanted to know about beakers. Incidentally, you also learned why doing research prior to starting your eCommerce enterprise is so important.

Today, we’ll be covering the how of keyword research, namely how to use the Google External Keyword Tool to plan your marketing efforts. Understanding exactly how powerful this utility is will give you a huge head start in the online marketplace.