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The benefits of internet marketing

  • February 1, 2014
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No one can deny that the invention of the internet has had an all-encompassing effect on our day to day lives – from the way we interact in our social lives to how we put together our professional image, to how we research topics and share information. It therefore follows that the internet has had a significant effect on how we engage with products as consumers and advertise them as producers. Marketing experts continue to emphasise the importance of the web to any marketing campaign. So: why is marketing via the internet so popular, and what advantages does it bring to a campaign?

For a start, utilising the internet offers you a far broader reach than traditional marketing methods of posters or leaflets. This means that companies can advertise their products far and wide, something which is also very attractive to consumers because they now have a far wider range of products to choose from – you can even buy some items from overseas! Another good reason for the internet’s popularity is that it is very low cost and convenient. You can outsource your marketing to a specialised company, or even just put it to a member of your team to keep your social media and website accounts up to date, and this is much cheaper than advertising through a physical retailer. It also means that you can engage with your customers even outside of office hours, which can be very helpful. On a similar note, the internet allows you to get to know your regular customers and what they like to buy, as you can spot patterns in their purchasing history. If you’re using social media, then you can even engage with customers directly and build a proper relationship with them.

To see the full extent of the internet and its importance to advertising and expanding your product then you need only look at the gambling industry, and particularly Bingo.  Before the internet, bingo was largely regulated to bingo halls, and the monopoly on bingo was largely held by just a few large companies. Nowadays the availability far more wide reaching opportunities to engage with online gambling games means that there are more chances for businesses to engage with consumers. There are even sites set up with the purpose of telling you where to find the best bingo bonus or fantastic deal. Indeed, the online gambling industry is an excellent example of how the internet can help smaller businesses.