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What Graph Search Means For Your Brand

After keeping the media in prolonged suspense, Facebook broke its silence on January 15th to announce the upcoming release of Graph Search.  The new natural-language, social search tool allows users to find people who share common interests, locations, preferences and more.

Graph Search is in the process of its beta rolling out to Facebook users that requested an invite. What will its implementation mean for you and your brand?

Explore Facebook Deeper

Graph Search will greatly expand the role of Facebook’s already industrious search bar, making it a hub for ad hoc meetups and discussions. Don’t want to go on a bike ride alone in Seattle? ¬†No problem; use Graph Search to find friends or others in your area that also love getting out on two wheels. Need to find a good local restaurant or an out of town recommendation? Enter your parameters in the updated search bar and your results will help you find the best eatery.

Hopefully, Graph Search will be available before your Super Bowl party. ¬†You’ll be able to fill the guest list by finding friends based on which team they’re rooting for.

Businesses’ Benefit

Once Facebook users become accustomed to finding answers via Graph Search, businesses will be more easily and organically discovered. ¬†Users who are looking for certain products or services will be getting information that’s been tailored to their likes/needs through Graph Search.

To be sure your company comes up as a top result, concentrate on creating new Facebook ads. Sponsored Stories and Sponsored Results alike will be featured within the new Graph Search. Sponsored Results are already available for purchase, but they’ll carry a lot more weight once Graph Search is live.

Of course, SEO isn’t the app’s only use. You can connect with others in your area who share your business interests via Graph Search. You could discover clients, competitors, and collaborators you didn’t even know existed.

Graph Search vs Google

Facebook’s social search won’t compete directly with big search engines on every keyword. ¬†However, Graph Search will put up a fight when it comes to local queries. ¬†Instead of using Google to look for a plumber, you could search for local plumbers that your Facebook friends have “liked.” ¬†The service’s Yelp-like result means users will get instant social cues on the value of nearby professionals. In this way, social search could change the way users look for businesses and other information they want an outside opinion on.

Currently Facebook uses its counterpart, Bing, for ads and other search-related information. ¬† Looking forward, Facebook may use Bing to fill in the gaps for queries Graph Search isn’t prepared to handle. ¬†While Graph Search alone isn’t necessarily enough to challenge Google, the combined coverage of both services certainly is.

Business SEO for Graph Search

If you don’t have a Facebook page, create one. ¬†Do a few things to assure your brand page comes up in search results:

  • Create a vanity URL.
  • List your business under the right category.
  • Use the correct business name.
  • Including the location of your business, so it is featured correctly in location-based searches.
  • Continue building your fan base. ¬†The more fans you have, the higher the chance your business will come up in a Graph Search.

By utilizing filters, the detail of your social searches will help you make local connections. And since it’s part of Facebook, the system relies heavily on likes and featured profile content.

What’s next in social search?

Since last year, Bing’s social search has provided users with text and image results pulled from Facebook and other social networks. But following the release of Graph Search, Microsoft has increased the amount of social data users see by 400%. ¬†And all the while, Google continues to plug +1’ed items into its own search results.

What do you think will happen to the future of Facebook’s and Bing’s social search engines? Let us know! Leave a comment or tweet us @Ripen_eCommerce.

Ripen Services:

Having a Facebook profile for your business just became more profitable with Graph Search. This tool introduces the blending of two marketing services: social media marketing and search engine marketing. Ripen can help you utilize both.