Ripen eCommerce

Booze Carriage

Quenching the uninebriated masses

The challenge

Booze Carriage had one goal: get drinks in the hands of (legal) New Yorkers looking for a faster spirits solution. The startup had created a huge distribution network throughout the City, but accepting, fulfilling, and tracking orders was still a daunting hurdle.

Our solution

Enter Ripen eCommerce. As we hashed out the design, messaging, and UX of the Booze Carriage website, we engineered an expansive inventory management system that grouped quantities and seamlessly served details based on zip code. Users could enter their location and see a dynamically-generated selection of top-shelf libations.

The agency also created a convenient, SMS-activated order tracking system. Now, customers could send a text to Booze Carriage and get an automated response telling them when their drinks would arrive. This mechanic was tied into every level of Booze Carriage’s operations – no small technical task.

Project results

Booze Carriage launched to massive acclaim and, more importantly, sales. Customers loved the experience of a clean, single storefront approach. And thanks to automated order tracking and reporting, customer service load was diminished, leaving the company with more time to focus on accelerating its already rapid growth.