Ripen eCommerce

Chefs Sharp

Reforging a brand, rekindling sales

The challenge

When it comes to cutlery sales, getting a larger slice of the online market isn’t easy. Some established brands have a hundred years of name recognition going for them. Chefs Sharp cutlery had been available for some time, but just wasn’t seeing the ROI it needed to make its marketing worthwhile.

Our solution

Ripen went to the client with a fully-fledged relaunch campaign that would put these professional-grade knives in the spotlight. The style guide was rewritten from the ground up, with bold photography, crisp messaging, and a clean, technical aesthetic applied to every aspect of the brand.

Product packaging was redone with a premium culinary feel. Web and print copy were updated to highlight features like the series’ ultra-sharp, high-carbon steel. Gorgeous landing pages were created to show off knife quality, and a targeted pre-roll video ad was made in-house to get the word out about Chefs Sharp. Opinion leaders in the culinary community were contacted to review and give out knives, further expanding product notoriety.

The results

Within one month, the Chefs Sharp video ads had reached nearly 200,000 views. Better yet, traffic and sales spiked through the new landing page experience, moving more than double the previous cutlery inventory. Delighted bloggers shared samples of the exquisitely packaged knives with thousands of readers, creating even greater awareness, traffic, and sales. Chefs Sharp had finally gained its long-deserved momentum.