Ripen eCommerce

Happy Chef

The real power of integrated

The challenge

For decades, Happy Chef has earned loyal customers throughout the culinary industry. And while the company continues its tradition of innovation and customer service, it’s always looking for new ways to find customers, build relationships, and stand out from the competition.

Our solution

Elevating a major company to the next level in its industry can’t be accomplished with a new logo or a single marketing campaign. Every aspect of promotion and operations has to be integrated and polished to consistently engage customers.

It starts with carefully accrued marketing data that informs strategic direction at all levels of design, development, and outreach. Ad campaigns, paid search placements, and event coordination that bolster awareness and reel in buyers. A shopping experience that’s fast and flawless. And branded packaging that delivers carefully-researched products with a friendly, personal touch.

The results

Since partnering with Ripen, Happy Chef has seen enormous growth in nearly every metric of brand recognition and sales success. Catalog requests and fulfillments have reached all-time highs, generating leads in both new and existing customer segments. Customer praise pours in through social channels daily, and, most importantly, year-over-year sales continue to break existing records.