Ripen eCommerce

Integra Backup Services

Syncing online and on-the-line

The challenge

Ripen had already completed Integra’s rebranding and website launch, and was actively promoting the company’s comprehensive data protection services via search and social channels. But because so many leads came in via phone, ad tracking wasn’t always easy.

Our solution

We knew having a real Integra employee answer the phone was an important differentiating factor, so every call’s value had to be maximized.

Ripen developed a solution to dynamically serve different toll-free numbers to potential customers based on keyword queries. These 1-800 variants were split test in both search results and on-site, allowing for complete cross-media analysis.

Project results

With the launch of our dynamic phone number system, advertising conversion via offline channels was instantly trackable. Integra didn’t have to guess how much of its incoming phone leads was arriving via Ripen marketing campaigns… the numbers spoke for themselves. Further testing and tuning led to smarter, more efficient advertising.