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eCommerce Marketing Services

In-depth analysis, strategic execution. This is the science of marketing. 

Ripen makes sense of sales data, uncovering opportunities to increase efficiency, reach new audiences, and maximize conversions. We’ll cut wasted ad spend and accelerate click-through, too.  Every campaign we launch is measured and tested for the information and insights that will fuel your next big sales success.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Lead purchase-ready customers directly to your products. Our marketing team uses proven techniques to increase your store’s visibility and click-through in both paid and organic search. Get unprecedented exposure to potential customers, leading them directly to landing pages that convert.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Dominate search results with an ultra-efficient, targeted PPC program. Expert bid management generates maximum revenue while directing your products to a focused audience. We’ll test keywords that drive value before, during, and after purchase to better engage your prospective customers.

Email marketing

Turn your email list into a renewable revenue resource. With your sales data and our experience executing email blasts, we capitalize on cart abandonment, hone messaging with behavioral targeting, and perfect the product/creative mix that excites your audience.

Social Media Management

Ripen’s marketing department can take social accounts to record-setting memberships. Custom apps are also available for email collection, contests, and more. Once your fanbase is established, our social media strategy will keep your company and products trending every week.

Marketplace management

Get even more exposure on the world’s largest online marketplaces. By creating and managing products feeds on sites like Amazon and eBay, our team can give your eCommerce company a gigantic online footprint. We’ll integrate your inventory and POS to keep products moving seamlessly.

Public Relations (PR)

Put your company in the spotlight with high-visibility marketing efforts. Whether your company needs a unique trade show booth or a precisely-timed series of press releases, Ripen can get your business and its products in front of your most valuable audiences.