Ripen eCommerce

The Ripen Team

We’ve gone out of our way to find and foster individuals with unique perspectives on development, design, and business strategy. Meet the people behind the agency’s many accomplishments.
  • Michael Tudor President, Founder
  • Melissa Tudor Vice President, Founder
  • David Rekuc Marketing Director
  • Scott Buchanan
    Scott Buchanan Director of Engineering
  • Angel Obregon
    Angel Obregon Creative Director
  • Dilek Katgi
    Dilek Katgi Associate Creative Director
  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez Designer / Illustrator
  • Vy Zwier
    Vy ZwierPaid Search Manager
  • Devon Holaway
    Devon Holaway Marketplace Coordinator
  • David Richter Senior Application Developer
  • Mikhail Medvedev Senior Web Developer
  • Kim Kraft
    Kim Kraft Senior Web Developer
  • Meghan McEneaney
    Meghan McEneaney Junior UI Developer
  • Zachary Cox
    Zachary Cox Front-End Web Developer
  • Michael Fruchter
    Michael Fruchter Senior Project Manager
  • Jessica Andrade
    Jessica Andrade Junior Project Manager
  • Wendy Gray
    Wendy Gray Product Merchandising
  • Sarah Weiffenbach
    Sarah Weiffenbach Studio Photographer
  • Jamie Klejna
    Jamie Klejna Human Resources
  • Johnna Roberts
    Johnna Roberts Office Manager
  • Suhail Junaidi
    Suhail Junaidi QA Analyst
  • Jason Horvath
    Jason Horvath PHP Software Engineer
  • Joshua Naehr
    Joshua Naehr Marketing Coordinator
  • Brian Levine
    Brian Levine Copywriter
  • Paul Schetelich
    Paul SchetelichUI Designer
  • Jordan King
    Jordan King Marketing Intern
  • Janielle Garza
    Janielle Garza Office Assistant
  • Alexa Aquitato
    Alexa Aquitato Marketing Intern
  • Brandon Buchanan
    Brandon BuchananDesign Intern
  • Gina Spinosa
    Gina SpinosaMarketing Intern