Ripen eCommerce

eCommerce SEO Services

Don’t shout the loudest. Shout the smartest.

Our unique approach to SEO focuses on long-term success over gimmicky short term tactics, resulting in organic ranking success.


We begin with in depth research, determining which keywords are relevant to your business and which are most obtainable. We can take your existing campaigns and determine which need additional focus, and if there are unexplored term areas. User experience should translate to quality content and economic value, so we direct potential customers to informative, action-based landing pages.

Site Optimizations

Working with our development and tech teams we polish your back-end with the most up-to-date requirements, ensuring there are no road blocks to being located by searches. We also examine link structure to direct traffic where it maximizes value, all while considering user experience.

On-page factors:

– Title/H1/Meta data
– Modifying URLs
– Site architecture
– Linking structure
– Site map submissions
– 301 Redirecting

On-Going Services

Analysis continues as we adapt your campaigns to new competition, change keywords based on growth, and generate links with promotional material.  Our writers and marketers will create guest posts, social media, and viral content accumulating inbound links and increasing natural interest in your products/services. Once impressions are made, cookies are dropped, enabling future retargeting and raising conversions.

Supporting Services:

– Keyword research/planning
– Information architecture
– Public relations

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