Have you ever visited any Walmart store to get a battery or another item, but found it hard to locate? 

Wandering around the different sections of Walmart to get a battery or the item intended but with no success. It is common for this to occur due to the big sizes of Walmart stores.

You end up wasting your time and energy, not because of the size of the store, but because you lack the right information.

How about getting into the store, getting the battery you want at the appropriate place, and checking out in less than 5 minutes?

Sounds fantastic, right? 

That is what this article seeks to address. Where are batteries in Walmart? The answer to that will be provided in this article as well as other related details you should know about.

Where are batteries in Walmart?

There are different battery types at Walmart

There are car batteries which are essentially not the point of discussion here and there are batteries used in TV remote controls, alarm controls, radios, some flashlights, toys, etc.

Where are batteries in Walmart?

The batteries used for the functions listed above are mostly alkaline or zinc-carbon batteries and are of various sizes. These sizes are 9-volt batteries, AA batteries, AAA batteries, C batteries, CR 2032 batteries, CR 123 batteries, and D batteries.

There are also special batteries sold at Walmart. An example is the hearing aid battery. You can also find button cell batteries as well at Walmart stores.

Where exactly are the batteries stocked in Walmart?

Since there are various types of batteries, you might be wondering if the batteries are stocked in the same sections of the store or asking where are batteries in Walmart stocked exactly.

The batteries are stocked in different places in Walmart stores. If you want to buy an alkaline cell battery and a car battery, you have to visit different sections of the store to get them.

Alkaline cell and zinc-carbon batteries are located in the electronic section of the stores.  Getting these batteries is an easy task and not much of a hassle. Just enter the store and go to the electronic section of your local Walmart store to pick up the battery type you want. 

In other cases, the alkaline cell and zinc-carbon batteries are stocked under the household essential sections of your local Walmart store. If you do not find the battery you want in the electronic aisle, just proceed to the household essential aisle which is the other section it could be stocked.

Special batteries like hearing aid batteries can be stocked in three (3) different places. They may be stocked on another shelf in the electronic aisle or the household essential section. They may also be found in the pharmacy section of the store. 

There is absolutely no way you will not see them in either of these sections.

Car batteries are another type of battery as well. They are present in the auto care center section of Walmart stores. 

If you need a car battery, just proceed to the auto care center aisle in your local Walmart store.

A table to summarize where batteries are located in Walmart has been illustrated below.

Battery KindElectronic DepartmentHousehold Essential DepartmentPharmacy DepartmentAuto Care Center Department 
Alkaline cell/ Zinc-carbon BatteriesYesYesNoNo
Hearing aid BatteriesYesYesYes No
Car BatteriesNoNoNoYes

How to locate batteries faster in Walmart

Instead of going through the stress of looking for an item yourself or calling a Walmart associate for help, why not allow Walmart store assistant to do it for you? It is faster and less stressful.

You can do it before leaving your house or even as you arrive at the Walmart store you wish to shop. All you need is your Walmart app.

Steps to know exactly where batteries are in Walmart using the app

It is pretty easy and seamless to locate everything you need to buy at Walmart. All you have to do is to follow the steps below. Now, let us dive deep into it.

  1. Open your Walmart app
  2. Click on shop in the icons in the rear view of the Walmart app.
Steps to know exactly where batteries are in Walmart using the app - 1
  1. Enter your location or the location you wish to search. You can use the zip code as well. Click on the location icon to search Walmart stores near you by default.
Steps to know exactly where batteries are in Walmart using the app - 2
  1. Click on the search bar to use the Walmart app Search My Store feature.
  2. Enter “battery” 
  3. The search result will display different batteries available in the chosen store. It will also display their aisle location, their prices, and their online ratings.

Which battery brands are sold in Walmart?

Walmart is a big retail giant that deals with a lot of suppliers. A lot of battery brands are present in Walmart stores.

Which battery brands are sold in Walmart?

The most common brands of alkaline cell or zinc-carbon cell batteries present in Walmart stores are the Duracell brand, Rayovac brand, Energizer brand, and Power one brand. You will definitely see them in all Walmart stores.

So it is advisable to get your battery at Walmart, especially if you have a preferred brand you love to use.

Are batteries costly at Walmart?

Batteries are not costly at Walmart. This answer may seem untrue for an individual who wishes to buy bigger pack sizes.

However, to assert this claim, you can just divide the number of batteries in a pack you are buying to get the actual price per battery of the product you wish to buy.

For example, a 48-pack of Energizer max AA battery cost  $29.98 at Walmart. To know the price of a battery, divide the total price by the number of batteries in a pack ($29.98/48 = $0.6246).

Also, the cost of the battery you are purchasing will depend on the size of the battery, the count per pack, and the brand you are buying.

How long do batteries sold at Walmart last?

Walmart batteries last in storage. The number of years they may last depends on the brand and the product.

However, some battery brands promise up to 20 years of power guarantee for their products in storage. Others guarantee 10 years and many more.

Check the details of the battery you wish to buy on the back cover of the pack. They are always written there vividly. Knowing this could help you store them and go back to using them when they are needed.

Bottom Line

There are different types of batteries sold at Walmart. Which makes the answer to the question where are batteries in Walmart more than one.

The alkaline cell battery and the zinc-carbon cell batteries are stocked in the electronic aisle most commonly. They can also be found in the household essential department sometimes. 

The hearing aid battery in the departments stated above or in the pharmacy section. Also, if it is the car battery you want, just head directly to the Walmart auto care center department in the store.

To make the search easier, you can use the Search My Store feature on the Walmart app to locate everything you need to know about the battery you wish to get. You can do that in the comfort of your home or in-store. Check the article to know more details.

With all the ways stated in this article on how you can find where batteries are in Walmart, asking a Walmart associate should be the last resort. 

If you still can not locate where the batteries are, feel free to ask a Walmart associate for help.

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