Paramount plus is one of Amazon’s digital services. While it’s not included with Amazon Prime for free, you can add it through the company’s Prime Video Channels service. You even get a seven-day free trial.

In this article, we discussed paramount plus amazon prime. Keep on reading to learn more!

Quick Fact:

  • Paramount plus is a streaming service that gives you access to classic and original TV series and shows.
  • To be able to subscribe to this service, you need an active Amazon Prime subscription. You would need a monthly subscription of $14.99 or $24.98 to enjoy the service.
  • If you cancel your Amazon Prime membership at any time, your subscription to Paramount Plus ends with it.
  • You can watch TV shows aired by Paramount Plus on the website, TV, firestick, and through the application.
  • Paramount Plus is a new service. However, it is a strong contender with established streaming services already.

Paramount Plus Amazon Prime: All You Need To Know

Paramount+ is a streaming service from United States entertainment giant ViacomCBS. It’s a service that’s designed to compete with the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock.

This service is relatively new. It launched in the United States in 2021 and in the United Kingdom in 2022.

Despite its newness, it’s made a name for itself. Keep on reading to learn more.

How Much Is Paramount Plus?

The cost of a Paramount+ subscription depends on the experience you want. The cheapest service comes at $4.99 per month, however, it includes ads.

If you want a more premium and ad-free experience, the Paramount Plus Premium plan costs $9.99 per month.

Amazon Prime runs a service that allows you to sign up to Paramount Plus at an extra charge. The purpose of this is to ensure all your payments are centralised through Amazon.

Prime membership is currently $14.99 per month. If you want to subscribe to Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime, you’ll need to pay a monthly service charge of $19.98 or $24.98.

How Do I Add Paramount Plus On Amazon?

You can add Paramount Plus through Prime Video Channels in fairly easy steps. However, you must be an existing Prime member to do this. Providing that is the case, the instructions are as follows:

  1. Go to the Paramount Plus subscription page directly through here.
How Do I Add Paramount Plus On Amazon?
  1. Click on Get Started. If you’re using the service for the first time, click on Start your free trials.
How Do I Add Paramount Plus On Amazon - 2
  1. Enter your card details and proceed to the next step.
  2. Click on Continue to start the subscription.

Before clicking on Continue, Amazon will confirm the details of the subscription. This is to ascertain that you have an existing Prime membership and check the length of the Paramount Plus free trial, the monthly cost after the free trial, and payment information.

How Can I Access Paramount Plus Content?

You can watch videos on your Paramount Plus account in several ways.

Amazon website

As a Prime subscriber, you can always stream the Paramount Plus channel on the official website.

This ensures you carry the entertainment show with you everywhere you go,

Amazon application

Amazon also allows you to access your content through your phone or tablet using designated applications.

To use this, you will need a different application from the regular Amazon Shopping application.

Amazon firestick

Amazon allows you to connect your television to the internet using the Amazon Firestick. Once you are connected to the internet, you can proceed to download applications on your Amazon Firestick just like you would on your phone or tablet.

Similar to the application, it allows you to watch videos from your favourite channels from anywhere.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Amazon Prime?

You can cancel your Paramount Plus membership on Amazon by visiting your Amazon Prime. You probably will need to enter your password to proceed and pass a reCaptcha test. Upon successful login, you will see a screen like the one below.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Amazon Prime?

You should see the video channels you are subscribed to. If there is nothing there, it is because you have not subscribed to any video channel.

You can then proceed to cancel your Paramount plus Amazon prime.

Can I Cancel My Paramount Plus Order?

You get a free trial with a Paramount Plus subscription. If you decide to cancel your order within the seven days free trial, you won’t have to pay for the service.

To cancel a Paramount Plus order, you should proceed to the Subscriptions page and follow the steps given above.

What Shows Can I Watch On Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus offers streaming access to classic programs like Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET, MTV, Paramount Pictures, and CBS. If you’re subscribed to the premium plan, you also get access to your local CBS network. 

The shows that are currently airing on CBS are added to Paramount Plus the day after they air on TV, so you can catch up on all of your favourite series, including Survivor, NCIS, and Ghosts without a cable subscription.

Additionally, you also enjoy brand-new movies too, including a few Paramount theatrical releases thirty to forty days after they debut on the big screen.

Older films are also available. If you’re a fan of Star Trek, Indiana Jones, or Grease, rest assured that you will enjoy unlimited access to your favourite shows.

Is Paramount Plus Included With Amazon Prime?

Paramount Plus, similar to the other digital services, are not included in Amazon Prime. To be subscribed to these services, you will need to have an active Amazon Prime subscription.

If you use Paramount Plus through your Amazon account, you pay $9.99 to maintain your Prime membership and an additional $4.99 or $9.99 depending on the Paramount Plus plan that you choose.

There are other channels you may enjoy that come cheaper than Paramount Plus. Read What is Amazon Digital to learn more and consider your options.

Final Thoughts

One main reason to consider Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime is the ease of use for you as an Amazon customer. After all, Amazon takes care of the general subscription, including taking the monthly payment on behalf of Paramount Plus.

Although you pay more than you would if you subscribe directly, this subscription keeps your payment centralised.

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