LiteBlue is the official postal employees’ website and it offers a variety of resources, including access to your paystub and W-2, as well as job postings within the postal service.

In this article, we’ll explore what Liteblue USPS Human Resources is and how you can make the most of its features.

It is important to note that contacting the USPS Human Resources department by telephone is not always necessary. If you want to find answers to your questions more quickly, you can use the HR website. 

It is also essential to note that not all issues can be fixed by browsing through the HR website, you may still need to directly call the customer care for support in some cases.

This article will outline the different types of HR inquiries that need a phone call vs those that may be answered by browsing through the MY HR section of the usps liteblue website.

USPS Human Resources

The official liteblue website is broken up into many different departments, but the MY HR section is a crucial aspect of the site.

The MY HR section serves as the company’s online human resources page.

The purpose of the United States Postal Service Human Resources department is to provide support and assistance to postal employees. 

The department  provides a wide range of services, such as training, handling employee relations, and benefit administration.

Additionally, the hiring procedure for new postal workers is supervised by liteblue USPS Human Resource department.

When Do I Need To Contact A USPS HR Assistant?

Like we said earlier, you don’t always need to pick up a phone and call the human resource department, because some of the questions you have are already answered in the HR portal.

If you want to get an overview of the USPS human resource Website, you can visit the “MY HR” section of the liteblue website

Below is a breakdown of all the functionalities that are available in the MY HR section of the liteblue website.

You can browse through what you want:

  • Make Life Changes
  • Verify Employment
  • Apply for a Job
  • Learn about EAP
  • See TSP Return Rates
  • Learn about Family Leave
  • Access ePayroll
  • Access eOPF

You can browse by Subject:

  • Benefits
  • Current Org. Changes
  • Careers
  • Our Workforce
  • Employment Rights
  • Retirement
  • Health & Wellness
  • Workforce Connection

You can perform all of the aforementioned on the HR website without having to pick up the phone and call the Human Resource Department. All you need is to login to your liteblue account with your employee ID and your SSP password and browse through the website.

Furthermore, you should only contact the human resource representative with any problems or inquiries that cannot be resolved by using the USPS HR website. 

Here are some examples of frequently asked questions and subjects that cannot be addressed using the LiteBlue HR portal:

  • Benefits from the government, such as health care or group life insurance that you are eligible for.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • Thrift Saving Plans.
  • Military leave and civilian / military buy back options.
  • Beneficiary designations and death benefits.
  • Taxes
  • Retirement, with early retirement being an option.
  • Processing of SF 50
  • Worksheets.

How To Contact The USPS Human Resource Department

Here’s how you can get intouch with the USPS Human Resources specialist.

  • Dial 1-877-477-3273 and choose option 5 to reach them. 
  • Also, you can call them at 1-866-260-7507 for TDD/TTY. 
  • Last, to get in touch with PostalEASE, call 1-877-477-3273 and choose option 1.

Working Hours: They work from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Note: When contacting an office specialist, make sure you have your employee ID or EIN and your USPS PIN ready. Additionally, it’s important to know that the usps liteblue website is only accessible by the usps staff and authorized personnel only.

USPS HR Contact Information (HRSSC).

If you have questions concerning your benefits or salary, you may also write to the HR Shared Service Center. Here is the address to send packages to:



PO Box 970400


NC 27497-0400

You can send a letter to the following address if your question is about retirement:



PO Box 970500

Greensboro, NC 27497-0500

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