Have you ever wondered what Amazon 4 star is?

To put it more simply, Amazon 4-star is a physical Amazon store that only sells items with a minimum of four-star reviews.

Amazon is dedicated to bringing the convenience of shopping on the web to brick-and-mortar stores to attract a lot of walk-in customers. 

Amazon 4 star

In Amazon 4-Star stores, buyers take their time to browse the things they like, top sellers, new releases, and products in high demand, as well as products rated 4-Star and above, trending products, and customer reviews on these items.

The product categories available at Amazon 4-Star stores include electronics, kitchen appliances, home furnishings, toys, books, and games.

If a product has less than 4-star on Amazon’s website, it will not be sold in any of the company’s “4-star” retail locations.

All of your questions about the 4-star program have been addressed here. If you want to find out more, read on!

Amazon 4 Star: All You Need To Know

Buying a new product can be intriguing and thrilling, but it can also be difficult. This is a result of you worrying about purchasing a product that would fulfill your needs and expectations while also standing the test of time.

You don’t need to worry about any of the products you plan to purchase using the Amazon 4-Star store.

This is because the new Amazon 4-Star physical stores give you the luxury of seeing, touching, and understanding what other customers are expressing about a particular product.

Based on the opinions of other consumers, you can choose to purchase a specific product with ease. enabling you to reach conclusions and decide on the product in a well-informed manner.

Amazon stated that “The Amazon 4-star store accurately reflects our customers’ purchasing patterns and preferences”

What Is Amazon 4 Star?

Amazon 4-star is a physical Amazon store that only sells items with a minimum of four-star reviews.

Typically, you won’t find an item with a rating below 4.0, with most of the products having a mean rating of 4.4.

Amazon shows thatProducts sold in 4-star stores have received 1.8 million 5-star customer reviews”

Why Amazon 4 Star? You Might Want To Know 

The e-commerce powerhouse Amazon is renowned for its focus on the needs of its customers. The customers are at the center of all they do.

With the aforementioned mindset, Amazon makes an effort to continually come up with new solutions for their customers and provide them with special experiences that they cannot get anywhere else.

A few years ago, it was believed that the physical retail channel would be eliminated by internet sales and that stores would become a thing of the past.

Now that we are aware, omnichannel is the ideal option for the retail industry, and Amazon is the clearest illustration of this. The e-commerce powerhouse has opened a physical location for its greatest products, called Amazon 4 stars.

The products you purchase from Amazon 4-Star stores are of the highest quality and are more apt to meet your needs.

Only items with the highest ratings will be available to you on the site.

How does Amazon 4-star work?

The new Amazon 4-star physical store only offers products that have received more than 4 -stars and are well-liked in the area where the store is situated or in the portal’s primary categories. There will be sections devoted to “Trends,” “Top Sellers,” “Top Wish Lists,” and groups of related items that are frequently purchased together.

These elements make shopping at Amazon 4-star stores enjoyable and simple, as do the customer review cards that include quotes from real user reviews.

Some of these shops not only sell highly regarded goods, but they also accept trade-in locations. You can save up to 25% on the cost of a new Amazon device if you wish to trade in an existing one (restrictions apply).

These actual storefronts are worthwhile to visit since potential customers may test out Amazon products and other home accessories, including ones compatible with Alexa, instead of making a conventional online purchase where you may have to return an item if you don’t like it.

How Many 4-Star Stores Are Available?

There were more than 31 stores in the United States spread across 17 states. Together with other physical stores like Amazon Books and Popup physical stores, there were 68 brick-and-mortar stores.

You can check here to see if there are any stores near you. 

However, this 4-star program no longer runs for some reason. Keep on reading to learn more!

What items are sold on Amazon 4-star stores?

As was already said, all of the items at Amazon 4-Star stores are hot sellers on Amazon’s e-commerce site and have received at least an average rating of four stars from prior buyers.

The following are just a few of the product categories you can find at Amazon 4-star stores.

There are different sections in the store.

  • We can find wireless chargers, smart watches, speakers, headphones, and other modern goods.
  • There is the Amazon Basics product range.
  • The brand with the most items in the store is Bose multimedia.
  • Samsung has many products in the store, including earbuds and a few of its smartwatches.
  • For home security, there are devices from the Smart Home range. You can discover exterior lights, bells, and security cameras in the store.
  • Products from the gaming category are available.
  • Books, board games, and toys for kids are available.

Customers can test out dozens of Alexa-compatible smart home items and Amazon devices at the store, as well as choose from a number of the top speakers, fitness gadgets, and other high-rated consumer electronics listed above.

Who is eligible to shop at Amazon 4-star 

Except for babies and toddlers, there are no restrictions or age requirements for anyone wishing to shop at the Amazon 4-Star store. Customers are welcomed by Amazon with the utmost enthusiasm and focus.

At Amazon’s 4-star stores, the best products are available to you even if you aren’t a Prime member.

Interestingly, Prime subscribers have unique benefits.

Customers who buy products from Amazon with 4-stars in its other physical stores will pay the same price listed on the platform, but only if they are Prime members, as non-members would have to pay more.

Know more about Amazon Prime Membership 

What Criteria Does Amazon Use to Select Products for 4-Star Stores?

As stated by Amazon, “Amazon 4-Star ‘s selection is a direct reflection of our customers—what they’re buying and what they’re loving”.

As a result, Amazon’s 4-Star rating standards are directly influenced by user preference. What they purchase, how consumers feel about that specific product and other important factors.

Therefore looks for the following criteria to be satisfied before awarding a product the 4-Star rating in the Amazon 4-Star store:

  • The item must have received a minimum of 4 stars from customers.
  • A reputable seller is offering the item for sale.
  • The item is fresh and well-liked on Amazon.com.
  • Many good customer testimonials
  • An item that is highly desired

Do Amazon 4-Star Stores Accept Returns? 

The answer is simply Yes!

Most items bought at the Amazon Physical Store can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of the transaction.

Returning a product you bought from a 4-star: If you got an email receipt or the thing you bought is in Your Orders: You have the choice to mail the item back. To begin your return by mail, go to the Amazon online Return Center to start your return.

Note: Even though Amazon’s 4-Star stores permit returns, some goods/products cannot be returned.

According to Amazon’s Physical Store Return Policy, the below- listed items can not be returned after purchase:

  • Gift Cards are not returnable (except as required by law).
  • Magazines/ newspapers are not returnable.
  • Grocery items and alcohol are not returnable to Amazon but may be refunded or replaced.
  • All Hallmark branded items are not returnable.
  • Gift recipients can return a gift with the order.
  • Some returns made in-store may be refunded as a Gift Card. See an in-store associate for more details.

Forms of payment accepted by Amazon 4-Star Stores?

After you’ve picked your Amazon product to purchase from the store, you can pay using contactless payment. Amazon pay is one of the many acceptable payment options available in Amazon 4-Star Stores. Cash payment is not accepted.

The following payment options are accepted at Amazon 4-Star stores:

  • The Amazon mobile app’s Amazon Pay feature
  • Amazon Gift cards 
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amazon Cash
  • America Express 
  • Discover
  • Cash

What Is The Shopping Experience Like?

Amazon 4-Star star ensures you get the same prime membership as you get on the retail website.

As a prime member, you get the same rates as you do on Amazon. Additionally, you see the regular prices on each item that is put up for sale.

Each item even has printed-out reviews so that you could read what others are saying about the product.

Are 4-Star Stores Still Running?

Unfortunately, Amazon 4-star no longer runs. The program was deprecated earlier in 2022 as a result of unexpectedly slow sales growth. 

Shortly after the program was established, the company announced it was closing all of its 4-star, books, and pop-up stores, a total of 68 locations across the US and UK.

This happened in April 2022 and as of the time this article is published, several Amazon brick-and-mortar stores have been scrapped.

Why Did Amazon Close 4 Star Stores?

Several reasons led to Amazon’s decision to close many of its physical stores. Here are some of the reasons:

Disappearing sales

Partly due to the pandemic, Amazon physical stores recorded lower overall sales in 2021 than in 2018. Compared with the other arms of Amazon that have been on the rise since 2015, Amazon’s 4-star proved to be spiraling.

Sales made from brick-and-mortar stores represented 3% of Amazon’s total of $137 billion in earnings in the last quarter.

These figures show that sales from Amazon’s stores have failed to keep pace with the growth in other areas of the business.

The program served one of its purposes

One of the strategies behind the physical stores is to attract new prime members. When the time came when Amazon needed to retain prime members rather than attract new ones, they needed a change in strategy.

Although this was only a sentiment discussed by Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, it’s hard to argue against.

Ultimately, Amazon was right to forgo the niche market of brick-and-mortar book shoppers.

Grocery Priority

With Amazon wanting to catch up to Tesco and Sainsbury’s, the company needed to let go of some services to focus on its groceries more.

The internal document released by Amazon read “In 2022, we assume a broader rollout of two store launches per week by the end of the year, targeting 60 total openings.”

This and other statements about their plan for the subsequent years showed that Amazon has recognized that its checkout-free grocery stores are a better long-term investment.

Will Amazon 4 Star Be Back?

Unless there is a major shift in the heart of officials at Amazon in the future, Amazon 4-star is gone for good.

The workers in the stores have been allocated to other branches of Amazon like warehouses.

Final Thoughts

Amazon 4-star was a wonderful business idea. However, the sales from physical stores didn’t meet the expectations of Amazon and many of the stores had to be closed.

During its time, the 4-star program would only put items that are trending up for sale. This means that you only get packages that others actively desire and want.

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