Does Walmart Accept Google Pay? The simplest answer is no, Walmart does not accept google pay mode of payment in their stores.

A lot of people prefer to save their debit card, credit card and other sensitive details on their Google Pay account for quick and easy access in times of necessity.

Google Pay is simply an online wallet account that enables a lot of people to make quick cashless transactions on purchases made even when they are not with their credit or debit card. 

Google Pay is one of the easiest, fastest, and safest methods of making payments for purchases. 

This article will guide you through the alternative methods of making payments in Walmart’s stores for purchases made.

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay in 2023?

No, Walmart does not accept Google Pay transactions in its stores in recent times (starting from 2020).

Walmart operates an Android Pay in its stores called “Walmart Pay” which was recently launched to make payments more convenient for its customers.

All you need to do is to download Walmart Pay app on your android phone, sign up and check out using Walmart Pay on the checkout aisle or counter.

What Is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet payment platform or service, developed by Google to enable individuals to make  cashless payments for purchases with their mobile devices on supported websites and in selected stores.

Google pay enables users to save their debit card, credit card, transit pass, e gift card, and other sensitive information in the Google pay account so as to get quick and easy access to them when necessary.

What Is Google Pay

Google Pay is not restricted to Android devices, users of Apple devices like iPhones can use it as well.

Google Pay uses NFC (near field contact) to complete payments at accepted stores. It ensures its users’ money is safe because it requires two-factor authentication to complete a transaction. It also has smart authentication which detects when the device is secured or not.

Entering your card details into your Google Pay app was made easy as well. You can either take a picture of the card or enter the card information manually.

Why Does Walmart Reject Google Pay in its Stores?

Walmart does not allow Google pay in its store because it has launched the “Walmart Pay app” which enables its customers to use their androids to make payments on purchases in their stores.

Why Does Walmart Reject Google Pay in its Stores

Walmart pay” allows customers to link their credit card or debit card details to the app for easy cardless-  transactions.

Another valid reason why Walmart rejects Google pay as a payment platform in its store is because Walmart wants to be able to have control over the cost experience of its customers as well as ensure that the security of customer’s data, and store data are not compromised by reason of using these apps.

Walmart checkout machines do not currently support NFC (near-field contact) technologies. This could be another reason Walmart does not take Google Pay.

In addition, the use of Walmart’s mobile payment app by customers helps Walmart generate more revenue and also aids Walmart’s recommendation to its customers.

The Walmart Pay app likewise offers customers reward points, electronic gifts, deal notifications and cost effectiveness.

Walmart makes it possible for customers who use old Android phones to pay with the QR code which makes it very convenient for every customer to shop with.

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What Is “Walmart Pay”?

Walmart Pay is a digital payment wallet launched by Walmart retail stores to enable customers make payments for purchases with their android phone using the app.

Walmart Pay app enables customers to link their debit card, credit card, gift card and other bank details to their mobile in a bid to make payments easier, faster and simplified.

Walmart Pay app is similar to the Google pay app in its operations, but its technology differs. Google Pay uses the “NFC technology” (which allows you to transmit your payment details to the payment register when you hold your phone near it)  While Walmart Pay uses the “QR code”(QR code must be scanned at the payment register to complete your transaction with Walmart Pay).

Benefits of Using Walmart’s Pay?

  1. It helps you make cardless transactions.
  2. You get reward points which are redeemable by using Walmart Pay.
  3. Limits cash transactions and improves cashless transactions.
  4. It helps you retrieve previous receipts for instances where you are not satisfied with a product and you need to make a return to Walmart.
  5. It helps you track your spending habits by piling up all your purchase history.
  6. The security of your credit card details are encrypted from end to end. 
  7. It saves time.

How can I Tell the Difference Between Walmart Pay and Walmart’s app?

Walmart’s app is simply an official website or application designed by Walmart to enable you to shop online on Walmart’s online stores. You can add items to cart, preorder, make credit card payments and confirm order on Walmart’s app.

Whereas, Walmart Pay is a digital wallet to enable customers to link their credit or debit card details to their phone in order to easily and quickly pay for purchases made in Walmart’s stores.

How Safe is Walmart Pay?

Walmart pay is guaranteed to be one of the safest and trusted digital wallets to use for purchases because it does not save the card details on a customer’s device, nor does it exchange your card details at checkout.

Walmart Pay requires a Password or fingerprint of the card holder or ID before using the app, so it is unlikely to experience in- store fraud while using the app.

Apart from Walmart Pay, What Other Payment Methods are Allowed in Walmart?

 The following alternatives are accepted in Walmart for payment on purchases;

  • Cash.
  • Visa.
  • PayPal.
  • MasterCard.
  • Walmart gift card.
  • EBT
  • Electronic gift.
  • American express.
  • Capital One Walmart’s Credit.

Also, customers can checkout at Walmart using cash, checks, and many more payment options like Affirm (buy now, pay later).

How Can I Set Up The Walmart Pay App?

Here is a guide on how to sign up for Walmart Pay;

  1. Go to your Google play store and download the Walmart Pay app.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Create a Walmart’s account if you don’t have one.
  4. Sign into your Walmart’s account.
  5. Locate the service screen and select Walmart Pay.
  6. Input your payment card information. You can decide to add your mastercard, credit card, debit card, or Walmart gift card information.
  7. Input you login information. Provides a strong four(4) digit PIN or fingerprint identification.
  8. Open Walmart’s pay at check out and scan the QR code shown on the check out machine to complete the sign up.
  9. For extra security or quicker access, you can set up another layer of security like a pin, password, or pattern.

Note: You can change the preferred card to use with Walmart Pay anytime. Also, you can add and remove any payment

Here are some steps on how to use Walmart Pay to pay For Purchases in Walmart stores;

  • Get all the items you need and shop as you would normally.
  • Scan all items at checkout.
  • Before using Walmart Pay, use all EBT balances such as WIC and SNAP.
  • Open your Walmart app and tap Walmart Pay.
  • Enter your pin, password or the pattern as set up by you.
  • Gift cards are automatically used for payment first unless the feature has been disabled.
  • The preferred method of payment is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can as well change to a different card.
  • Hold your phone over the QR code that is displayed on the register to pay for your purchases.
  • A chime indicates your purchase is confirmed. 
  • You will receive a notification on your phone when your e-receipt is ready.

Note: Walmart Pay can not be used at Walmart fuel pumps or Murphy USA gas stations. Also, you can not use Walmart Pay to receive cash back at the checkout in Walmart stores.

How can I Check Out With Walmart Pay?

  1. Open Walmart app and launch Walmart pay.
  2. Log in with your finger print or your secret four(4) digit code.
  3. Position your android camera to scan the QR code code on the pin reader or self-checkout screen..
  4. Your phone vibration is a signal that you have successfully scanned the QR code and an e receipt will be saved to your account.


 Walmart does not accept Google Pay currently. Google Pay uses near-field contact technology to facilitate payments which Walmart checkout machines do not currently support.

Although things may change later in the future, Walmart will never use Google Pay at checkout because it has its own alternative called Walmart Pay. So long as Walmart Pay is in existence, Google Pay can not see the light at Walmart.

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