Have you ever found yourself wondering what was written on your Walmart receipt?

Walmart sells all of its products at one of the cheapest prices in the market.

And for every purchase you make in-store at Walmart, you get a printed receipt. If it is an online purchase, you get the receipt sent to the email linked to your account.

Walmart’s receipt is vital. It can serve as proof of purchase and is very essential if you plan a return of one or all of your purchases.

But, do you know how to read a Walmart receipt? The receipt can seem ambiguous because of the shortcodes and loads of information stacked on it. Rest assured, this article will explain everything on the receipt in detail.

In this article, we will discuss what the codes on the receipt mean, how to recover lost receipts, and many more things you need to know.

How To Read Walmart Receipt

Walmart receipts in all of Walmart stores are almost written in the same pattern. Although they can come with a bit different designs in terms of the Walmart logo and the promotion found on the receipts.

However, most Walmart receipts have the store address at the topmost after the Walmart logo. Then, you will find the store manager’s name written on a line or by the side of the address. Different shortcodes with some digits in front of them are then seen.

The most essential part is the name of the items purchased, their serial number, the prices, tax accrued from the product bought, and a few shortcodes close to the price.

At the lower part of the Walmart receipt is the unique receipt number, time and date of purchase, a barcode, QR code, and other available promotions or information.

So what do all the alphabets close to the prices, the shortcodes on the first row, and other digits written in front of them mean? Continue reading to know them.

Walmart Receipt Codes: What Is The Significance Of The Shortcodes On The First Row?

On the first row of your Walmart receipt, you will see the Walmart store contact number and store address at the topmost part with the store manager’s name. The store manager’s name is mostly preceded by a short code MGR or store manager in full as seen below.

After the address is the zip code of the area the Walmart store is located.

How To Read Walmart Receipt: Walmart Receipt Codes 1

After the store address, the manager’s name, and zip code is a series of shortcodes like ST#, OP#, etc. that will be deciphered in detail below.

Walmart Receipt Codes 2
  • ST# always states the store number. All Walmart stores have a distinct store number. That is, no two Walmart stores can have the same store number, no matter how close they are to one another.
  • OP# is the shortcode for the operator number. This is the number that signifies the cashier or store associate that attends to you during checkout. The OP number will be the same on various receipts if it is the same cashier that attended to you at the checkout.
  • TE# depicts the cash register the customer checked out. It could be a self check out register or one with a cashier depending on what the customer wants. The TE# number can never exceed the number of cash registers in the store.
  • TR# represents the transaction number of your purchase. It signifies the number of purchases or transactions that have occurred on that particular day and it is also specific for every receipt and purchase you make at the store.

What Other Codes Are After The First Row?

Immediately after those codes come the items bought, their prices, and their serial number. 

What Other Codes Are After The First Row?

The serial number, found in the middle of the receipt and after the item names, is a 12-digit number that is unique to every item in the store. Some electronics have their serial numbers imprinted on them.

Close to the serial number of the items purchased is the price of each item. At the lower end of the item is the subtotal which indicates only the sum of the items purchased alone. Yet, under the subtotal is the tax levied on the purchase first written in percent, then the cost. 

The total amount to be paid is the addition of the subtotal and tax to be paid. If the tax is 0%, then the subtotal will be equal to the total price as well.

Debit tend is the amount of money deducted from your card while cash tend is the total money paid.

Change due is common to customers who pay for their purchases using cash, and it is the total amount subtracted from the cash tend.

The last four digits of the card used to pay for the purchase is shown, and it will be the one to be refunded in case of a return.

A reference code to trace the transaction comes next, followed by the network ID and approval code.

Above the barcode is TC# which represents the transaction code or the receipt ID. It contains all the information about the transaction and will be needed at the point of return or refund.

Below the bar code is the date and time of purchase which is essential to confirm that the time frame of Walmart return has not passed.

Why Can’t I See The Name Of the Products I Purchased? 

Most times, the product’s name of items is usually abbreviated. This is to allow the product’s name, serial number, and prices to all appear on a line.

Why Can't I See The Name Of the Products I Purchased? 

In the receipt above, GV represents the maker of the Soy sauce that was purchased, and VEG means vegetable.

You can as well use the serial code to check the product’s name. All you have to do is to visit either the Walmart app or Walmart’s official website and enter the serial code in the search bar.

The name, price, and picture of the product will be displayed.

What Do Alphabet N, O, X, And T Mean?

Close to the prices of the items you purchased at the Walmart store on your receipt, you will notice that some alphabets like N, O, X, or T are placed there.

But what do these alphabets mean?

  • N signifies that the item you purchased is a non-taxable item.
  • O depicts that the item is non-taxable on sale at that particular store. This means that somewhere else, a tax could be paid on it.
  • X implies that that item is taxable on sale. You can get to another store and tax is not charged on the item.
  • T represents a taxable item.

Note: Different factors determines whether an item will be taxable or non-taxable on sale.

What Do The Alphabets Close To The Serial Number Mean?

After the 12-digit serial number, some alphabets are occasionally placed near them. 

The most common is alphabet F and H.

F represents food items 

H represents health, pharmacy, or other related fields.

There are many other alphabets you can see as well. The F is mostly important for beneficiaries of SNAP benefits.

How Do I Recover Misplaced Walmart Receipt?

Now that you know how to read a Walmart receipt, how do you recover a lost or misplaced Walmart receipt?

The Walmart receipt is vital for the return of items or items purchased at its stores.

You should definitely look up our detailed article on Walmart receipt look up to fully grasp the process and gain better knowledge.


Walmart receipt is very essential and provides key information that may be needed about the Walmart store the purchase was carried out.

It contains the store contact number, address, manager’s name, and the zip code as well. 

Also, the items bought, the price and the taxes charged are shown and calculated all on the Walmart receipt.

The codes may seem too big to understand but they are pretty easy to understand if studied carefully.

If you do not know how to read a Walmart receipt, with this full guide, it is certain you know now.

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