If you’re an Amazon shopper, you’ve probably asked yourself “How Late Does Amazon Deliver?” at some point.

After all, we’ve all been there: eagerly waiting for a package to arrive, only to have the delivery time come and go without any sign of the package. It can be frustrating, especially if you’re expecting something important or time-sensitive.

In this blog post, we’ll explore Amazon’s delivery policies and options, and offer tips for tracking and receiving your packages on time. Whether you’re a frequent Amazon shopper or just need to know what to expect when waiting for a delivery, this post has you covered. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive in to the world of Amazon delivery.

How Late Does Amazon Deliver?

Amazon often delivers packages between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. However, Amazon can and will deliver until 10 pm. on weekdays.

If your package needs a signature, the delivery person will try to reach you by phone up until 10 pm. to make sure you are still awake.

They won’t finish the delivery so late at night if you don’t answer because they’ll assume you’re asleep or unavailable.

As an alternative, you will get your package the following day or whenever it is most convenient for them. Contrarily, most regular deliveries are made before 8 pm or precisely at 8 pm 

What makes Amazon deliver late?

If you are wondering what makes Amazon deliveries be as late as 10 pm, here are three reasons:

How Late Does Amazon Deliver

There is a driver shortage

For the number of shipments and deliveries Amazon makes in a day, it is understandable that there will always be a need for more drivers. To ensure that the drivers can still cram the orders and deliveries into a day, Amazon extends its delivery hours.

Amazon Prime Shipping 

If you are a prime member, you get free one-day or two-day shipping. This ensures that you get your order the same day you place them. To make this work, Amazon has to offer late deliveries to give the delivery drivers more time to work.

There is an increase in deliveries

Even though Amazon is easily one of the biggest companies at what it does, Amazon grows every day, and its deliveries increase. In July 2020, Amazon shipped more than 400 million packages; this gives an idea of how impossible the deliveries could be at times.

Why does your Amazon package arrive at 10 pm?

You may have checked your tracking and discovered that, contrary to what you had anticipated, your delivery is now planned for 10 pm 

You might be curious as to why there is a delay.

Here are a few reasons why your Amazon package might have arrived around 10 pm.

Order time

One of the most significant factors that can influence a 10 pm delivery is the time you placed your order for the box.

If you place an order later in the day, the last trucks of the day will deliver it.

These vehicles must adhere to a predetermined path for the distribution process to be as efficient as feasible.

It’s more likely to be the last item on the truck the longer you wait to place an order.

Please make your purchase earlier in the day, preferably before noon, if you would want to receive it sooner

Route changes

Anything can occur that requires the driver to deviate from their planned path.

There can be a road closure, an emergency, car maintenance, or a delivery driver emergency.

In this case, it is required to change the path.

It might be necessary for the driver to accept more deliveries or give their current deliveries to another driver.


Your delivery could be delayed until 10 pm even with a slight delay.

The timetable of a delivery driver may be impacted by bad weather, heavy traffic, and other factors.

A series of slight delays could have a big impact on a delivery driver’s timetable.

It might be sufficient to delay your delivery till 10 pm 

Does Amazon deliver after 10 PM?

Not at all. 

In some cases, this offer is only available for Prime Members. 

The latest Amazon delivers is 10 PM any day of the week or during the weekend. However, Amazon Prime Now is available from 6 AM to midnight seven days a week.

Does Amazon deliver late on weekends?

Amazon delivers packages on weekends, but delivery times can vary depending on a number of factors

Saturday Delivery 

Delivery drivers will make deliveries between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. The majority of the rules that apply to weekdays also apply on Saturdays.

As a result, you can ask Amazon to deliver your product by 10 pm. On Saturday, however, delivery personnel will not make deliveries after 10 pm 

One of the days that many people prefer to get deliveries is on Saturday.

Most customers can accept their delivery from the driver or immediately after it is set up next to their door while they are at home.

Sunday Delivery

You can expect your package to arrive sometime between 9 am and 8 pm on Sundays if Amazon does deliver to your area. However, exact delivery times may vary depending on your specific location.

To find out if Amazon delivers to your area on Sundays, simply enter your zip code into the Amazon website. If Sunday delivery is available in your area, you’ll see the option to select it during the checkout process.

How quickly can Amazon deliver?

While you can ask for an early delivery when Amazon makes late-night deliveries, you may want to make sure you are up and prepared.

The good news is that if you have Amazon Prime, you can ask for early delivery. In this case, Amazon might show up at your house at 6 am.

To make sure that this early delivery reaches your door at that time, they frequently collaborate with other carriers, such as USPS.

Due to the availability of flex workers, delivery at 6 am is not always guaranteed. In most cases, you should anticipate Amazon drivers to begin making deliveries at around 8 am.

Do Prime and Non-Prime Members Receive the Same Delivery?

No, just no.

Members of Amazon Prime can tailor their delivery preferences to best meet their requirements.

As a prime member, you will also have the choice to add any delivery notes that your delivery driver might find useful.

Where to place the box, whether or not to knock, and even the time of delivery are examples of notes that people often include.

Remember that because they have a certain route to take, they may not always be able to deliver at the time you like.

This benefit is not always guaranteed to Non-prime members

Can I ask that no packages be dropped out “late”?


If you have Amazon Prime, you can ask to have all of your packages delivered before 8 o’clock.

Non-Prime members cannot change this preference because they are not eligible for late-night delivery.

Can I give Amazon delivery drivers drop-off instructions?


You can provide the driver handling your delivery with drop-off instructions.

You will see a text box when placing your order asking you to provide any delivery driver instructions.

You should enter any pertinent information here, such as where to place the box or whether to knock or ring the doorbell.

Additionally, you can select whether you want to receive your package after 8 pm when you order through Amazon.

The delivery will never be late, which is defined as occurring after 10 pm.

How late does Amazon deliver groceries?

Amazon Fresh operates between 8 AM and 8 PM. You should know that the delivery window for this service is two hours. If you want your order to be delivered the same day you place them, you must place them no later than 6 PM.

Amazon Fresh is an ideal option for people who want to save time.

How late does Amazon deliver key packages?

Similar to Amazon Fresh, there is a delivery window of 4 hours. This means your order will be delivered within 4 hours of you placing the order. If you want to get your order on the same day, the latest you must place the order is 4 PM.

PS: Amazon key is only available to Amazon Prime members.

How to track Amazon orders?

Amazon provides the option to track your orders from your account. You can sign in to your account and look for Orders to see real-time information about your shipments.

In the case where your account shows that an order has been delivered but you have not received it, you may want to check with neighbors to see if these orders were left with them instead.

This usually happens when you are unavailable at the time of delivery.

How are delivery dates calculated?

If you are making an international order, Amazon will add the international shipping date to the transit time to calculate the estimated delivery date and time.

The transit time is calculated based on the shipping speed you have selected. For some orders, Amazon will provide an “order within” countdown timer.

This shows the window of time in which you must place the order to receive your delivery by the date shown. The date is subject to change before you place your order. Your order confirmation email will include your confirmed delivery date.

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