The OTP has become the standard method by which websites and applications validate users for transactions, account creations, and when there are suspicions about an account.

If you are wondering what is Amazon OTP, it is the One-Time Password that you get on the mobile number or email address you used during registration.

This article will give you an in-depth understanding of what is Amazon OTP, how it works, its importance and dangers, and how to use it for your security.

What Is Amazon OTP: All Your Questions Answered

A One-Time Password is a security code that was designed to be used for a single attempt. This can be a login, the creation of an account, and a bank transaction. Usually, you will be asked if you prefer that the OTP is sent to your phone number through text message or as an email.

What Is Amazon OTP: All Your Questions Answered

In the case of Amazon, the passcode will be automatically sent to the email that you registered with.

This minimizes the risk of fraudulent activities and maintains high security on your account. Unless you compromise this OTP, it becomes almost impossible for others to have access to your account.

The OTP has become the new standard in recent years. It is also known as a one-time PIN, one-time authorization code, or a dynamic password. A dynamic password gives a clear picture of the power possessed by an OTP.

Usually, an OTP is usually 6 digits in length and has an expiry date. Websites and applications set an expiry time of 15 minutes from the time the OTP was sent before it is deleted from their database.

Amazon OTP will be sent to your email when your order ships and will be valid till the end of the delivery day. This Amazon OTP will be used when you want to get your order from the driver.

You can also use an authenticator app provided you configure it beforehand.

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Does Amazon OTP Protect My Account?

Amazon OTP is legit and you can bank on it. However, a better option might be to use the 2-step verification.

Usually, when Amazon sends an OTP code to the email you registered with, you may not know if someone has access to your account. This OTP could’ve reached them and they could be your imposter.

Two-factor authentication provides better security. However, you would need to own two or more devices to use this option.

Why Has Amazon Sent Me a Verification Code?

After knowing what is Amazon OTP, you know how important this six-digit code is. If Amazon should send you an OTP, it is most likely not a mistake. You probably wanted to do something on the website that requires this OTP or your account has been compromised.

Why Has Amazon Sent Me a Verification Code?

OTP helps Amazon confirm that it’s really you and not someone trying to access your account without your permission. If you’re ever unsure about a sign-in attempt or receive a verification code that you didn’t request, Amazon advises that you contact the customer service team for help.

Can I Turn Off Amazon OTP as a Buyer?

If you shop frequently on Amazon and your account has OTP enabled, you might think it is a nuisance that you have to enter an OTP every time you shop. Usually, this OTP is there to protect your account against dodgy purchases.

You can turn off Amazon OTP and you need not worry about the constant hassle any longer. However, it is better to leave it on for security purposes.

To turn off Amazon OTP, kindly follow this guide:

  1. Log into your Amazon account and click on Your Account.
  2. Click on Change Account Settings
  3. Under the Security settings section, click on Edit
  4. Next to One-time password, select No
  5. Click Save Changes

Why Do You Need Amazon OTP?

Now, why do you need Amazon OTP? Amazon ships over a million packages daily, and some are worth more than others. If you’re getting a box of groceries worth less than $50, you probably might not need a one-time password.

However, if you are buying a product like a brand new laptop that costs a fortune, Amazon will most likely ask you for an OTP before this order is delivered to you by Amazon’s delivery driver.

Considering package theft in the United States is at a record high with 1.7 million packages lost or stolen every day, Amazon takes package safety and security seriously.

If you are getting a product that requires this One-Time Password, the delivery driver will ask you for it before leaving this order with you. If you wonder where to get this OTP, you can check your inbox to see.

How Does Amazon OTP Work?

After talking about what is Amazon OTP, you may wonder how exactly this code works. If your order requires an OTP, this OTP will be sent to your email address when your order ships. Usually, this is about the same time that the order is charged on your credit card.

This Amazon OTP is similar to a passcode requested by a bank or online retailer before you make a large transaction, except instead of entering the OTP right away, you provide it at the time of delivery.

For Amazon orders that need an OTP, you’ll see the 6-digit numeric code in your email. This OTP remains valid till the end of the delivery day, and all you need to do is read the passcode to the driver to confirm your identity.

After that, you can sign for the package and be on your way.

If you will not be home when the order arrives, Amazon notes a few recommendations for one-time passwords. You can forward this passcode to someone you trust who lives in the neighbourhood.

This should be someone you know and trust, and if there isn’t anyone available, Amazon will try to deliver it again the next day.

Why Is a One-Time Password Safe?

Now that you have read about what is Amazon OTP, Amazon OTPs seem simple, but a surprising depth of technology goes into sending an OTP to a customer’s cellphone. While OTPs sent by SMS aren’t encrypted in transit, they use other methods to ensure only the authorised person can use them.

You could argue this is the reason Amazon only sends OTPs through email. Here are the reasons why Amazon OTPs are safe:

  1. OTPs use best security practices. To ensure that it is not intercepted, they usually are encrypted from one end to another end. They are also hashed in the database to ensure nobody has access to it except the system, the delivery driver, and the buyer.
  2. The pin that arrives on a customer’s phone isn’t from a list and is not stored for any length of time. It’s generated in the same way as the cryptographic keys that protect bank accounts. This method has a useful quality because it is virtually impossible to backtrack or discover how the code was generated by looking at the result. This means the OTP the customer sees is genuinely unpredictable.
  3. OTPs have time-limited usability. The life of an OTP is very short, usually not longer than half an hour. Although this is not the case with Amazon OTPs. If Amazon asks you for an OTP when you try to sign into your account from a different mobile, expect this passcode to expire in a few minutes. Delivery OTPs will last till the end of the delivery day, however.
  4. OTPs can only be used once. Once expired, they’re useless, and the same OTP cannot be used to log in more than once even within its usable time window. This is known as “non-replay”. Even if OTPs could be easily hacked, this time factor makes hacking of OTPs a near-valueless exercise.

Final Thought

Amazon OTP is a one-time password that has been adopted by many e-commerce giants and other companies in today’s digital age to add an extra layer of security and to fight the stealing of orders that has been on the rise in the United States.

Anyone who shops, sells, or streams on Amazon should expect the occasional OTP request. This is only to minimize security threats and it happens occasionally.

Also, most Amazon OTP requests are for valuable deliveries that require a signature, such as electronics or jewellery worth more than $500. This type of Amazon OTP will only be used before the order is delivered to you by the delivery driver.

If your order requires an OTP, you’ll get an email from Amazon with a six-digit passcode to repeat to the delivery driver.

You can then share your delivery OTP with someone else so they can accept the package for you. Amazon recommends doing this if you will not be available to receive the order.

In the case that you are not at home at the time of delivery and there is no one who knows your passcode, Amazon will try to deliver the order the following day.

You may also need an OTP if you are logging into Amazon from a new device. This is for security reasons.

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