Shopping is now taking another trend as customers do not have to be physically present at stores to get their orders. 

With the shopping trend taking another dimension, there is a need for the creation of teams to fill in customers’ demands. That is where Walmart personal shoppers come into play. 

Walmart personal shoppers are the team that helps customers who cannot be physically present at stores get their items ready to be delivered to their homes or for pickup.

So, who are Walmart personal shoppers? What do they do? Do you want to know everything about Walmart personal shoppers in Walmart stores? Then this article is for you.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Walmart personal shoppers from their duty, to their salary, to the requirements, and many more.

Read till the end to know more!

Walmart Personal Shopper: Who Are They?

Walmart personal shoppers are Walmart associates who help customers pick what they need in Walmart stores, either to get them ready for Walmart pickup or home delivery.

Personal shoppers are also hourly Walmart employees, and customers are not charged a fee before the personal shoppers get their services rendered to them.

Walmart Personal Shopper: Who Are They?

It is one of the fastest growing positions at Walmart stores and requires little to no requirements to be employed as a Walmart personal shopper.

The job of personal shoppers is not limited to just getting orders prepared for customers, they also do other things. 

They are to help with membership development and support, they are to maintain the safety of Walmart facilities by following safety guidelines and procedures, and effectively communicate with customers.

In addition, they are also to assist Walmart customers in many other ways that will be explained in detail below.

With Walmart trying to improve the revenue it generates through online shopping, the need for Walmart personal shoppers has increased as well. This is to ensure Walmart customers enjoy seamless and convenient pickup and online orders.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Walmart Personal Shopper?

Walmart has no stated requirement to become one of its personal shoppers.

There is no required formal education or particular skills that you must possess before you qualify for the position of a Walmart personal shopper.

Any Walmart associate employed as a personal shopper will be trained on the go.

However, some of the following qualities may be an addition to a Walmart personal shopper.

  • Great communication skills.
  • Effective time management.
  • Ability to multitask and work under pressure.
  • Hardworking, fast-paced, and tenacious.
  • Previous experience in the job or retail industry.

All the skills listed above are essential to a Walmart Personal shopper. The reason is that the work is tedious and requires only hardworking personnel to execute it.

Also, altercations with customers may surface which is where effective communication skills will be of help. Some customers only need good communication to get their issues and concerns settled.

Furthermore, during rush hours or before holidays, a lot of online orders or pickup services may be required. That is where effective time management and the ability to multitask will be of help.

Note: Walmart personal shoppers also enjoy the numerous benefits that other Walmart associates enjoy.

What Are The Duties Of Walmart Personal Shoppers?

A Walmart personal shopper has a lot of duties it renders to the customers. Some of them are highlighted below.

  1. Sorting customers’ orders 

The major duty is to review customers orders, pull and scan items after picking them up from the shelves, wrap some, and palletize them for easy movement. 

They are also to secure the items ordered by customers until they arrive to pick them up, update them on out-of-stock items, and offer a substitution to satisfy customers’ needs.

  1. Promotion of Walmart’s membership 

The second most important duty of a personal shopper is to develop and support membership by providing information on the benefits of Walmart membership. 

They are to process memberships, upgrades, credit accounts, and make efforts to meet membership goals. 

Also, they are to promote the value of Walmart products and services.

  1. Facility Safety Maintenance

Walmart personal shoppers are tasked with the maintenance of Walmart facilities. They are to follow all the stated Walmart safety guidelines, procedures, and standards.

They are to conduct safety sweeps occasionally and correct or report unsafe situations to the store management.

  1. Execute task and give feedbacks

Personal shoppers at Walmart have to carry out tasks assigned to them, identify priorities, deadlines, and expectations to be met.

They are to work with co-associates, report progress, give feedback, recommend ways Walmart can improve, and adapt to and learn from changes and feedback.

Other duties expected of personal shoppers at Walmart include:

  • Providing member services by acknowledging and identifying members’ needs.
  • Assisting members with purchasing decisions and locating merchandise for them.
  • Resolving issues and concerns from customers.
  • Promoting Walmart products and services.
  • Observing and implementing Walmart policies, procedures, and standards of ethics.

Is Walmart Personal Shopper Role Full-Time?

The personal shopper role at Walmart is a regular position at Walmart and it may be considered a permanent role in some places.

Walmart personal shoppers may work 7 to 12 hours a day fulfilling customers’ orders and getting them ready for pickup or home deliveries.

The job is also an hourly position and the hours used may be based on time shifts or the associate’s stated agreement during employment. 

Also, there are about 2 to 3 breaks each day. Some are paid and others are not paid shifts; all these will be made known to you during Walmart orientation.

How Much Is The Salary Of a Walmart Personal Shopper?

The salary paid by Walmart to its personal shoppers starts from $12.90 per hour. This was the starting salary for all Walmart personal shoppers when the minimum wage per hour was $11.

However, the starting salary should be around $13.90 to $14.00 per hour now that Walmart has scrapped Walmart bonuses and increased all associates’ salaries by at least $1.

What Is The Minimum Age Requirement For Walmart Personal Shopper Role?

So long as you are not less than 16 years of age, which is the minimum age employed at Walmart, you are good to go.

Walmart employs agile individuals of all ages and gender for the role of personal shopper.

Individuals below 16 years of age will not be employed as Walmart personal shoppers. 

Also, individuals that are a bit old and may not be able to handle the stress of Walmart personal shoppers may be recommended to another available position in the store.

Note: If you are not up to 16 years, wait till you are 16 before you apply.

Are Customers Charged A Fee To Use Walmart Personal Shoppers?

Walmart does not charge any of its customers a fee for using the services of personal shoppers.

If you choose a Walmart pickup, either in-store pickup or curbside pickup (where the items ordered are brought to your car), you will not be charged any fee.

However, if you choose to get your order delivered to your home, you will not be charged a fee for using the services of Walmart personal shoppers. The only fee you will pay is the delivery fee which varies based on your choice of delivery and location. 

Walmart is not charging any fee for this service because it is using it as a medium to encourage a convenient and comfortable shopping experience.

Also, it is a bid to increase online shopping and pickup.

Is Walmart Personal Shopper An Easy Position?

The answer to the question depends on each associate.

Naturally, the role of a Walmart personal shopper is tedious. They work non-stop from the hours they resume till they go back home with little breaks in between.

However, some personal shoppers at Walmart enjoy the way they move around getting items and giving customers the best of what they want; few do not like the role either because of reprimanding from superiors, inadequate personal shoppers, or because of customers’ complaints.


Although it is tasking and physical, Walmart personal shopper role is one of the most sought-after roles at Walmart. 

A Walmart personal shopper gets items ready for customers, offers a substitution for items out of stock, and communicates with customers based on their needs.

There is no preferred or minimum qualification for the role, though some will be an addition. It is a learn-as-you-go job at Walmart.

The minimum age that can be employed as a Walmart personal shopper is 16 years. It is an hourly role at Walmart and associates in this department are paid around $13.90 to $14.

Also, customers get to use the service of a Walmart personal shopper for free without incurring any charge. This makes shopping easier and more comfortable for customers.

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