Does Walmart give bonuses? A lot of applicants wonder whether or not Walmart offers its employees extra cash, especially if they surpass management and store expectations.

Every Walmart employee needs adequate motivation to undertake tasks effectively and efficiently. This motivation is not only salary-related, but it also comes in the form of a raise or bonuses.

Bonuses are stipends given by a company or an employer to employees in addition to their salaries.

Bonuses are like incentives to compensate and motivate employees after meeting a set target or achieving a milestone. Also, it is given to encourage other employees to give their best to the tasks or goals they have to achieve.

In this article, we will shed light on whether or not Walmart offers bonuses. How they give bonuses to associates and many other things you need to know.

Key Points:

  • Walmart has stopped giving bonuses since early 2022.
  • An increase of at least $1 has been effected on associates wages per hour.
  • Associates can get a raise once or twice in a year.
  • Walmart does not give hiring bonuses to new associates.

Does Walmart Give Bonuses in 2023?

Currently, Walmart has stopped giving bonuses to its associates. This stopped in early 2022 when Walmart associates wanted a rise in their paychecks instead of receiving quarterly bonuses.

Does Walmart Give Bonuses in 2023?

Before putting a stop to the bonuses, Walmarts always gives out bonuses to its employees four (4) times a year, and it is a culture that has been held for decades. These bonuses can include cash bonuses, stock bonuses, and other types of rewards. The amount and type of bonus an employee receives is based on their performance and the company’s overall results.

The halt of the bonuses given to Walmart associates were brought forward because not all Walmart employees and stores benefited from it. 

However, now that it has stopped, there is at least a $1 increase in the hourly wages for a lot of store workers. 

Walmart’s minimum wage has now risen to $12 per hour for associates. It was also said that associates can expect a more predictable and consistent compensation after the bonus scraping took effect.

Although Walmart still rewards bonuses to exceptional employees who work on holidays and unusual situations, the goal is to reward consistent staff who never miss work while encouraging others who are inconsistent to be consistent and get rewarded for it likewise.

How Much Bonus Does Walmart Give?

The exact amount was not made public, and it was not constant; it increases and decreases. However, Walmart associates always got bonuses four times in one year.

Before the end of the quarterly bonuses given to store associates, Walmart always gives out bonuses based on each Walmart store’s performance. 

All eligible associates will never receive less than the bonus payment they were meant to receive. However, the instability of the bonuses made associates want stable and consistent compensation, which led to a general increase in their hourly wages received by them. 

The increase in paycheck was no longer tied to quarterly store performances but a regular wage for everyone.

How Long do I Have to Work for Walmart to Receive A Bonus

Previously, new employees would have to work for over 48 hours and have no overtime pay to qualify for Walmart bonuses.

However, the quarterly bonuses Walmart gives to employees have ended due to the pressure for Walmart to increase hourly wages and likewise associate base pay.

Since Walmart added a $1 increase to employees wages, Walmart has scrapped out workers bonuses.

Although there are extraordinary staff who still get rewarded incentives for their consistency and commitment to working on holidays and unusual situations. But not everyone gets to benefit from this.

How Often Are Associates’ Salary Raised At Walmart?

Although not officially stated, some previous and a few current Walmart employees stated that the raises at Walmart range between six (6) months and a year.

It was also said that the salary raises were insignificant. The bi-annual or annual raise is about $0.25 from the report that was gathered.

Regardless, associates can now work harder and earn more with the $1 increase in hourly wages.

After Walmart increased all hourly wages by at least $1, the average Walmart wage per hour in the United States (U.S.) was $16.40, $19.52 for combined full and part-time associates, and the minimum wage was $12.

Does Walmart Management Get Bonuses?

Management of Walmart stores gets bonuses as well like every other hourly associate.

The aim is to make sure they achieve their quarterly goals and also push the hourly workers to give their best in what they do and how they do it.

However, the stop of quarterly bonuses to hourly employees may not transcend the hourly employees. Salaried associates in Walmart stores may continue to receive bonuses based on their store performance.

Although it may not be quarterly, they will still receive the bonuses, and also the $1 increase does not apply to them. 

Note: Uncertainty surrounds the end of bonuses to management because the memo of salary increase was not made public.

What Other Benefits Do Walmart Employees get?

Other benefits available to Walmart employees include: health care coverage, paid time off, life insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan, employee discounts, 10% associate discounts and educational assistance. Walmart also provides a range of training and development opportunities, from on-the-job training to leadership courses and a quarterly incentives that have since been discontinued

Walmart associates get to enjoy lots of benefits from working at Walmart. The benefits cut across a lot of sections. 

Also, the creation of new roles and raised wages give room for career growth and higher pay. Most salaried associates at Walmart started as part-time hourly associates.

Walmart employees also enjoy scheduling stability. Store associates receive their schedule two weeks before and a consistent schedule is offered to full-time associates.

Also, other various health, financial, and family support opportunities like insurance, maternity leave, and many others are available to Walmart employees.

Is There A Hiring Bonus At Walmart? 

There is no hiring bonus at Walmart. Most companies pay new hires a hiring or signing bonus as an incentive to draw them to the company, and also help them sort bills incurred due to the situation of the job like relocation, etc.

However, Walmart is not one of those companies that do so. There are various opportunities open to Walmart employees apart from the competitive pay which you should look forward to.

Does Walmart Pay Christmas Bonuses?

Walmart may give Christmas bonuses before but it is not a stipulated one. Aside from the quarterly bonuses Walmart gives to associates, there are no other compulsory bonuses that must be given to associates.

Nonetheless, quarterly bonuses have been stopped at Walmart, and wage increases have taken effect. Christmas bonuses and other bonuses may never be given to associates unless otherwise stated.


Walmart has stopped giving out bonuses to its employees since early 2022. This was done in response to the overall increase in the hourly wages of associates.

Now, the average Walmart wage per hour is $16.40 and the minimum wage is $12. Associates also get a raise at least once a year or up to two times annually. Although it was rumored that the wage raise is insignificant.

In addition, Walmart does not pay hiring bonuses but offers ample employment benefits to its associates.

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