Are you curious to know about Walmart’s customer service desk operating hours?

The customer’s service desk is a department where all inquiries concerning the store or any of its products are directed to.

For instance, If you want to make a return, or you wish to provide a comment about your local Walmart store, or even if you need any assistance with your shopping, then customer service is the right place to go to.

So, What Time Does Customer Service Close At Walmart? This article will inform you about Walmart’s customer service operating hours and the time it shuts each day, as well as the most commonly asked questions concerning Walmart customer service operational hours.

Quick Fact:

  • Customer service at Walmart closes by 11 pm and opens by 6 am.
  • On special holidays, customer service at Walmart is closed as well.
  • Walmart customer service personnel are available from Monday to Sunday.
  • Walmart customer service has 3 main functions they render. Return of items, Services, and Other issues.

What time does customer service close at Walmart?

Walmart customer service closes at 11 pm and opens at 6 am.

The Walmart customer service representatives resume at the same time as other Walmart associates and close at the same time as well.

Unless it is on holidays or during unforeseen occurrences that lock all businesses out, Walmart customer service will always be available to attend to the needs of Walmart customers.

What time does customer service close at Walmart?

Even in Walmart neighborhood markets, irrespective of location, the customer service desk hours are still the same. Their closing time remains 11 pm and the opening time is the same as well.

All the Walmart customer service personnel are available from Monday to Sunday to attend to customers. 

Whatever your needs are, maybe you do not know where to get a particular item, or you need clarifications, Walmart customer service personnel will give attention to you. 

The only condition is that it has to be during Walmart customer service hours. Anything outside of that, you will not be given attention to. You will be asked to come the following day during the customer service operating hours.

Walmart Customer Service Operation Hours:

Days of the weekCustomer service operation hours
Monday6 am to 11 pm
Tuesday6 am to 11 pm
Wednesday6 am to 11 pm
Thursday6 am to 11 pm
Friday6 am to 11 pm
Saturday6 am to 11 pm
Sunday6 am to 11 pm

What time does customer service at Walmart near me close?

As stated earlier, all Walmart customer service desks close at 11 pm.

You can use the Walmart store finder to check the time your local Walmart customer service closes; the customer service opens and closes during store hours.

Also, you can check the distance of your local Walmart store or the nearest Walmart store to you using the store finder. 

Not only that, you can check the other services available at your local Walmart store or the Walmart store near you.

What are the customer service desk hours on holidays?

The customer service personnel do not open on general holidays. This translates to there being no operations or closing hours on those days.

On holidays like Christmas and some other few holidays, all Walmart stores are closed. When stores are closed, Walmart service centers are also closed. 

So, all tasks regarding the customer service center are postponed till resumption days.

If you need the services of the Walmart customer service desk, you can always call the store to confirm if they are present or closed on that day.

Does Walmart customer service open 24 hours?

No, the Walmart customer service desk hours end at 11 pm. 

It was previously stated that Walmart customer service closes with the store. So, if the Walmart store closes at 11 pm, then the customer service can not stay 24 hours.

However in the future, if Walmart decides to open 24 hours in some selected stores and supercenters, then the Walmart customer desk in the select stores may as well open 24 hours.

What kind of assistance can you expect to get while contacting Walmart customer service?

The customer service at Walmart offers a lot of services. They are the representatives that keep the activities of the store in order.

They tend to customers’ complaints, attend to them, and do all sorts of things to make sure Walmart customers are satisfied.

They have three (3) major services they offer to the customer. They are:

  •  Return: The customer service representatives are the ones in charge of receiving customers’ returns of items.

They also facilitate a refund or replacement as the case may be.

If you ever need to return an item, proceed to the customer service department during the Walmart return hours which also correlates with Walmart customer service hours.

  • Services: Aside from the return of items the customer service facilitates, the customer service also provides some services to Walmart customers.

One of those services is cashing checks. Walmart customer service is in charge of cashing checks for customers who need the services.

Another service they provide is the addition of money to Cash App cards for customers.

They offer other services as well. So if you need any help with any service at Walmart, proceed to the customer service desk during the customer service desk hours (Walmart customer service hours).

  • Others: Outside of return and services provided by the customer service department, the department also tends to do other things as well.

If you need to make any inquiries, lay a complaint, or make any other suggestions, you have to proceed directly to the service center. They are the ones in charge of all this. 

When you need any help or assistance with regards to Walmart or its stores, the representatives in the customer service at Walmart will be the ones to put you through.

How to find Walmart customer service opening and closing hours nearest to you via Walmart Store Finder

When Walmart is closed, how can I contact customer service?

You do not necessarily have to visit the Walmart store before you can get in touch with the customer service department of your local Walmart store.

There are 3 proven ways to reach customer service at Walmart instead of visiting their department in person.

  1. Chatting with them online

If you wish to chat with a Walmart customer representative online instead of visiting the store, visit here to start a live conversation with walmart customer care

  1. Sending an email 

Instead of going through the stress of visiting Walmart stores physically to relay a complaint, you can just send the customer service at Walmart an email via and you will be responded to appropriately.

  1. Contacting them via phone call

You can as well phone Walmart customer service to make sure your complaint is heard instead of visiting them at the store physically. Call Walmart on the toll-free number 1-800-925-6278 or the local/international phone 614-534-1996.

Bottom Line

Walmart customer service closes at 11 pm. The exact time the store closes and it opens at 6 am when the store opens as well.

It is open from Monday to Sunday excluding holiday days.

The customer service at Walmart has 3 major functions which are: returning of items, provision of services, and sorting of other issues. 

These three make the core function of the customer service department. You can always meet them to help you with things regarding the store or Walmart itself.

Also, you do not have to visit the store in person. You can send an email to the customer service department, put a call through, or chat with them online.

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