Walmart is a retail giant that sells out products at everyday low prices. Maybe you have gotten an item or product from Walmart, but you are not satisfied with the product you got, the next thing to do is to make a return.

Also, you may want to return an item because it is not what you wanted or because it is not what was described in the product details.

Knowing the Walmart return hours will be beneficial and valuable. It will save you time and money as well.

Did you get a product from Walmart recently but you wish to return it? 

This article will talk about the Walmart return hours and the best time to visit Walmart for a return. Many other things related to Walmart’s return hours will be discussed as well. Have a blissful read.

Walmart Return Hours

After buying an item from Walmart, you can be less interested in the item you purchased, and fortunately, Walmart gives room for the return of the item purchased.

However, most times, the first condition is not always the case for a return. Most customers who buy at Walmart make returns either because the item is defective or damaged, or because it was not what was described in the product description, or because of a failed cancel order.

Walmart Return Hours

Knowing the Walmart return hours is important, especially for customers that are always busy with one thing or the other and have a few free hours.

Walmart return hours start the moment the store opens and ends towards the closing hour. Unless an unexpected event comes up, Walmart stores open by 6 am and close by 11 pm. So, Walmart return hours start at 6 am and end by 11 pm from Mondays to Sundays.

Days of the WeekWalmart Return Hours
Monday6 am – 11 pm
Tuesday6 am – 11 pm
Wednesday6 am – 11 pm
Thursday 6 am – 11 pm
Friday6 am – 11 pm
Saturday6 am – 11 pm
Sunday6 am – 11 pm

Though the Walmart return hour may change and it is solely dependent on the time the Walmart store opens and closes. 

Best time to return items at Walmart

Although Walmart stores open at 6 am, and that marks the beginning of Walmart return hours, it is not advisable to go as early as 6 am to initiate a return at any Walmart store.

Also, because the Walmart return hours end at 11 pm when Walmart stores close, it is not recommended to visit towards the closing hour. This is because processing a return at the Walmart customer service desk requires some processes and may take time. Going late or towards the end of the Walmart return hour may require you to be present the following day as well.

The best time to visit the Walmart customer service desk for a return is during work hours when most people are at their workplace.

However, if you are occupied during work hours or you are a worker yourself, you can visit anytime you are free to beat the 90-day ultimatum if you bought from Walmart.

Walmart return hours on holidays

On holidays, when Walmart stores are closed, you can not initiate a return at Walmart. This means that there are no Walmart return hours on holidays when Walmart stores are closed.

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Walmart return hours end by 11 pm. So, you can return an item as late as some minutes before 11 pm.

Open packages can be returned to Walmart. All your returns must be packaged with the normal package, be in the new state; unused, and come with the receipt.

Yes. The item to be returned must come with all the original packages it was sold with before any return can be processed. Also, you have to come with the receipt, and the return date of the item must not exceed the maximum return date set by Walmart

Not all items are eligible for return at Walmart. Firearms and ammunition, prescription medications and devices, financial services, prepaid cell phone cards, video game download cards, sim cards, gift cards, prepaid gaming cards, video on demand, etc are not eligible for return.

Final Thoughts

Walmart return hours start at the exact time Walmart stores open and end when the stores close.

Walmart return hours start at 6 am and end by 11 pm. It is best to initiate the return during work hours at the Walmart customer service desk.

Not all items are eligible for return and the time frame for items varies from one another.

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