Do you know you can cancel a return on Amazon?

If you ever request a return of a package you ordered through Amazon and change your mind, you can cancel this request to return the package.

In this article, we discussed the easy steps on how to cancel a return on Amazon.

Can I Cancel My Request for a Return from Amazon?

Yes, you absolutely can!

You can cancel your request to return a package on Amazon provided the package hasn’t been shipped back to Amazon.

Here’s how to do this on the Amazon mobile application and web.

How To Cancel A Return On Amazon Web

Here’s how to cancel your return request through the Amazon desktop:

  1. Sign in to your account 
  1. Type Returns Centre on the search button on the homepage.
How To Cancel A Return On Amazon Web: Image 1
  1. Click on View your returns.
How To Cancel A Return On Amazon Web: Image 2
  1. Go to Manage returns.
How To Cancel A Return On Amazon Web: Image 3
  1. Look for the item you want to cancel the return for and select Cancel this return.
  1. On the confirmation popup, confirm that you want to cancel the request by clicking on Cancel return.

How To Cancel A Return On Amazon Mobile App

Here’s how to cancel your return request on the Amazon application:

  1. Open the Amazon application and proceed to the search bar.
How To Cancel A Return On Amazon Mobile App: Image 1
  1. Search for Return Centre via the search bar.
How To Cancel A Return On Amazon Mobile App: Image 2
  1.    Click on Online Returns Centre.
How To Cancel A Return On Amazon Mobile App: Image 3
  1. Go to Manage Returns.
  1. Look for the package you want to cancel its return request and tap Cancel this return.
  1. Click on Cancel return one more time from the popup menu to confirm the request.

How Long Do I Have To Cancel A Return Request?

You can cancel your return request on Amazon as long as it hasn’t been shipped. Suppose you ordered a pickup and you haven’t handed the package over, canceling the request is still in your power.

In a case where the payment for the package has been refunded to your account, you can no longer cancel the request.

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Is it possible to cancel an order while it is being delivered?

Indeed, you can. But…..

Once it is carried onto the carrier vehicle, it is more difficult to cancel your order. Although you still have the option, it might not always be possible to request delivery cancellation for that order at this stage. If you can cancel your order during the delivery route, it depends on the shipping company and the driver. You might have a better chance of canceling at this point if Amazon is shipping and delivering your things because it’s a first-party carrier.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel an item on Amazon?

Amazon may refund the entire purchase price for incomplete, broken, or inexpensive orders without requiring the return of the goods. This is done because shipping back the item may cost more time and money than it is worth.

How quickly does Amazon process refunds after cancellation?

Amazon promises that cancellation reimbursements will be finished in three to 30 business days, depending on your original payment method. What is this exactly? It may take up to 10 days to process purchases made with a debit card, bank account, or SNAP funds, for instance.

What happens if I am unable to cancel an order?

Even if you try to cancel a delivery order at every step, you can still be trapped with it. Before demanding a refund, you must let the shipment be delivered as usual. The next step is to log into your Amazon account to start the return procedure and ship the order back as soon as you can. A refund will be sent to the original payment method you used as soon as Amazon or the seller has received and inspected your items.

Does Amazon Inspect Returned items?


For opened items, Amazon conducts return inspections.

After the return, packages that were opened or damaged after delivery are not eligible for a complete refund.

Final Thoughts

You can always cancel a request to return packages to Amazon. To do this, you can use a web browser on your PC or your mobile phone.

When canceling this request, keep in mind that your cancellation request is only valid when the package hasn’t been shipped.

Additionally, you can only cancel an order if you haven’t been refunded for the package from the time you requested the return.

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