Waiting in a long queue to pay for your shopping for over 30 minutes or more could be stressful and make shopping an arduous task.

Instead of waiting in a long queue, you can get to your local Walmart store and leave with your orders in less than 5 minutes sometimes without stepping into the store.

That is the opportunity that Walmart Pickup offers. You do not have to spend up to that amount of time before you get your orders cleared. It is free of charge and very convenient. Though it has some conditions attached to it.

This article seeks to explain what Walmart pickup is, how it works, and many other things you need to know about it.

What is Walmart PickUp and How Does Walmart PickUp Work?

Walmart Pickup is a platform created by Walmart to ease the burden of customers’ inconvenience and long queues while trying to sort their bills at their local Walmart store.

During busy days, holiday periods, or in preparation for festive periods, Walmart stores and supermarkets can get filled up with a lot of customers thereby creating a long queue, sometimes very long ones before you get to the cashier and can make shopping difficult and very stressful for you while also wasting your time; sometimes you can spend as long as an hour on the queue or longer in some stores.

What is Walmart PickUp and How Does Walmart PickUp Work?

However, with the Walmart Pickup and delivery options, customers do not have to stay in the long queue or waste their time before they get their orders sorted.

All you have to do is to create a Walmart account, choose items you will like to get either on the official site or the app, place an order online, and choose a convenient time you would be available to get your orders from the store and when it is time, you should visit the store and get your orders without queueing up. The payment will be made while placing your order.

Although it is free of charge for orders of $35 and above, when your total order is below $35, you will pay a handling fee of $5.99 and it is available in almost all Walmart stores except a few. 

Types of Walmart Pickup 

There are 2 types of Walmart Pickup options. Depending on how you want your goods to get to you and they are both free. The 2 Walmart pickup types are:

  1. In-store Pickup

For this type of Walmart pickup, you have to visit the store or supercenter you choose or get someone to visit for you once your Walmart pickup has been confirmed to be ready. When you arrive at the local Walmart Supercenter or store, check in with Walmart app to show you are around or on your way or you call the store number (available in the email sent to notify you) directly to inform the store associate. Get your orders as you arrive at the store.

  1. Curbside Pickup
Types of Walmart Pickup 

This seems to be the better of the two types especially if you are in a hurry or do not wish to step into the store due to a limitation or for any other reason. When you arrive at the store, contact the store that you are around and a store associate will load your orders in your car trunk for you.

Purposes for Walmart Pickup Use

You might be wondering the reasons why Walmart pickup is important to both the customer and Walmart itself. A few of the purposes of Walmart pickup have been stated below.

  1. Convenience

With Walmart pickup, shopping is no more stressful. You do not have to worry about getting into the store early to avoid the long queues or about the time you will leave the store once you see a lot of customers using the store. Even if you have an urgent meeting or a very important task to attend to, you can attend to them and schedule your pickup for later.

  1. Time-saving

Instead of spending up to 30 minutes or more in a queue, you do not have to spend up to that with Walmart pickup. You can arrive at a Walmart store and leave without spending much time. If it is a Walmart curbside pickup, you do not have to step out of your car to get your orders.

  1. Less congestion

Using the delivery and Walmart pickup option, the Walmart stores do not get congested again. Customers have the choice of coming in to pick up their orders without queueing and shopping is also made online.

  1. Free

The Walmart pickup initiative is a free one so far your order is up to $35. So why disturb yourself by picking items from the shelf and more? When you can easily get your orders packed in a place and waiting for you to come to receive them.

  1. Contact reduction

You do not even have to meet anyone or touch anything. Your orders can get delivered to your car trunk with the curbside Walmart pickup option.

Processes of Walmart Pickup

The Walmart pickup process is straightforward and requires just a few steps to get it processed. Same-day pickup items will be available within 4 hours after the order was placed. Walmart Pickup options chosen after 4 pm will not be available for that day but will be available for Walmart pickup on the following day. There are two ways to do it. Either you save it if you are not purchasing anything or you select it during checkout.

  • Saving it 
  1. Create a Walmart Account or Log into your Walmart Account.
  • Visit the official Walmart page and log into your account or create one if you do not have one.
  1. Click on the dropdown icon
  • A question pops up just beneath the search button and displays How do you want your item?
  1. Select the Walmart pickup option
  • Pick the choice of how you want to receive your item (Walmart pickup). The available modes are:
  1. Walmart Shipping
  2. Walmart Pickup
  3. Walmart Delivery
Processes of Walmart Pickup
  1. Change your Walmart store option
  • You can change the location of your Walmart store or Walmart Supercenter where you want to receive your Walmart pickup by clicking on the outward pointer (>). The closing time of the stores or supercenters will be displayed, the address, the distance in miles, and the Walmart pickup options available.
Change your Walmart store option
  1. Ready for Pickup
  • After you click on save, your account automatically selects your pre-saved choice of pickup.
  • Selecting it at Checkout
  1. Create a Walmart Account or Log into your Walmart Account.
  • Visit the official Walmart page and log into your account or create one if you do not have one.
  1. Select the items you wish to purchase.
  • Choose all the items you will like to purchase and get ready for the Walmart pickup.
  1. Select or change store and pick a time
  • You can change your choice of store or supercenter and pick the time you would like to get your pickup.
Select or change store and pick a time
  1. Click on Reserve
  • Click on the reserve button and checkout to finalize your order.

How to Know When Your Walmart Pickup Is Ready

After you have completed your order online and have selected your pickup station, any order that will be picked up that day will be ready within 4 hours. As soon as your order is ready for pick up, Walmart or the store you chose will send you a Ready for Pickup email to notify you that your order is ready.

If your order is not ready for Walmart pickup, you will not receive any mail from Walmart. So you are advised to wait for a confirmatory email before you proceed to your chosen Walmart store or Supercenter.

When you are on your way, check in with the Walmart app so that the associates will be aware you are on your way or around the Walmart store. You can also call the store directly if you do not have access to the Walmart app; their number will be seen in the notification email sent to you.

When you arrive at the store, the store associate will bring your orders to your car if you choose the curbside Walmart pickup option or they will give you at the Walmart pickup booth located in the store.


  •  It is not only groceries that are eligible for pickup. Other items are also eligible unless an exception is stated or placed on the item.
  • You might not get all your items packed. If any of the items you choose is out of stock, you will receive a notification from Walmart offering you a similar item. There is a limited time frame for you to reply but if you fail to reply, Walmart will substitute the item for you. You can return the item if you are not satisfied to the store associate.
  • Also, you can edit or cancel your order for any reason

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What Time Does Walmart Pickup Start and End?

You can pick up your items or orders as early as 7 am and as late as 11 pm. The available times of the Walmart store or supercenter you choose will be shown when you want to select the time for your Walmart pickup.

If you pick a timeslot and it is not available, you will receive a popup message telling you the time frame is not available for that particular Walmart store.

When Does Walmart Pickup Lapse?

Most times, you get to your Walmart pickup store in time to get your orders. However, unexpected events may occur and disrupt your day’s schedule. In cases like this, what happens to your Walmart pickup orders?

Your Walmart pickup orders are kept for up to 4 days and you can pick up your orders within those 4 days but if you fail to pick up your orders after 4 days, your order will be restocked. Unfortunately, groceries can not be kept for 4 days, if you fail to pick up your groceries the day you made your order, they will be restocked but you will be charged a restocking fee either way.

 Note: Failure to pick up your order gets you a refund minus the restocking fee.

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A Few Tips When Shopping for Walmart Pickup or Generally at Walmart Online

Shopping online at Walmart may be a bit tricky. You see various items you wish to get and you may end up splashing more than you could think of. A few tips to help us when shopping for Walmart pickup or online have been listed below.

  1. Keep a list

You can get distracted while shopping online, with good products drawing your attention but with a list, you are focused on what you want without wasting a lot of time. Just cut to the chase and get all you want. 

  1. Set a budget

Having a budget will prevent you from splurging your money while shopping. With a budget, you watch what you buy and know when to check out.

  1. Do not buy more than you need

While shopping sometimes, you may see some items at a cheaper price and want to get more because of the rare opportunity. It is advisable to seize opportunities but not get more than you will need or can keep. Be careful, especially with perishables.

  1. Be strict

Setting a budget or keeping a list may be rendered useless if you are not strict with yourself while shopping. Being strict enables you to stick with what you have planned before shopping.

  1. Beware of some products

When you are shopping, always take note of detail. Some products or items are not what they seem to be; they might be smaller, not new, or other things that are stated but are not really noticeable.

  1. Have a second choice

Shopping at a big retail corporation like Walmart, a lot of customers storm the page daily to get their needs and wants. So it happens occasionally to see that an item you wish to purchase is out of stock either while shopping or during check out.

Having a second choice will give you the chance to have something to fall back on and have a seamless shopping experience.

Other Available Options Aside from Walmart Pickup 

You might decide not to visit the Walmart store but want your orders. In scenarios like this, you can either allow Walmart to ship your products to you or go with Walmart delivery. Unfortunately, not all products are available for Walmart shipping.

So if you need your order urgently or do not want the Walmart shipping option, you can opt for Walmart delivery. Walmart collaborates with third-party drivers to deliver your order to you at a fee. When your order is in transit, you will receive an email from Walmart notifying you that your order is on the way with the driver. 

If you wish, you may tip the driver and also leave feedback relating to your delivery experience.


You have no stress over your orders with Walmart pickup. With just a few steps, you can make an order and visit the Walmart store you choose at your convenient time to pick up your order for free if you order items amounting to $35 or above. Walmart pickup starts as early as 7 am and ends by 11 pm.  

If something unexpected comes up, you can allow a relative or friend to pick it up for you by adding an alternate person in the setting or pick it up on a later date, and must be within 4 days except in the case of groceries.

Groceries will be restocked if you fail to show up to pick them up before 8 pm. You will be charged a restocking if you fail to pick your order up and you do not have to tip any Walmart associate just the delivery drivers can be tipped.

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