It’s crucial to understand what you’re getting into when trying to purchase Amazon Return Pallets. The following are some pointers and advice for buying Amazon return pallets online from Amazon or other retailers.

This article will cover all the information you might need to know about Amazon Return Pallets, including how to buy them, where to acquire them, and how to use them to your benefit. Enjoy your reading.

What Are Amazon Return Pallets?

Amazon return pallets are inventories of customer returns offered in bulk at reduced costs.

Amazon sells customer returns to liquidation companies and other online merchants.

This is referred to as “liquidation.” Amazon will be able to recoup its losses and get rid of inventory that is simply too expensive to keep.

When purchasing Amazon return pallets, you can buy a single box, a pallet, or a truckload. 

Pallets, like everything else, have an “estimated retail value” and are mostly sold through Amazon liquidation auctions.

Some liquidation companies, on the other hand, provide fixed-priced Amazon return pallets.

What Does Amazon Do With The Return Pallets?

In recent years, Amazon used to dispose of these products. Because of the criticism, Amazon now has four options for Amazon return pallets. When a product is returned, Amazon could choose to:

  • Dispose of the product: This happens when the product is spoilt beyond repair and Amazon would rather not jeopardize its high standards for this.
  • Liquidate the product: This is a new option instead of disposal. Amazon partners with a few reputable liquidation marketplaces and they auction off these unwanted inventories to resellers by the pallet or even truckload. To ensure minimal losses, sellers can recoup around 5% of the sale price if the product is liquidated.
  • Return the product to the seller: The seller receives the product back from Amazon’s warehouse. They can decide what to do with it, such as selling it in a physical store or relisting it for sale on Amazon. The product’s condition, such as whether it has been opened, will affect the seller’s decision. If the item has a high resale value and the cost of repairing, cleaning, testing, or repackaging it is worth the investment, the seller may choose to do so in order to make a profit.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon Grade and Resell: This option can only be used if a seller is invited by Amazon.

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Where Can I Buy Amazon Return Pallets?

Generally, Amazon return pallets are sold on the official websites of liquidation companies. You have to visit the websites and find a list of all the vendors selling their liquidation stock.

You can then proceed to select Amazon under the Marketplaces or By Seller category. Let us take a look at four of the different liquidation companies.

Amazon Liquidation Auctions

If you want to purchase varieties of items for your business, Amazon Liquidation Auction (US) is a good option. Anyone with a registered US business can buy liquidation pallets on this website.

Buyers who reside in the United States place bids on Less Than Truckloads (LTSs) of overstock merchandise. Usually, these include any of the following:

  • Home goods
  • Books
  • Apparel
  • Groceries
  • Electronic products
  • Device accessories
  • Footwear

You will have to be registered and verified on Amazon to use this service. Once this is out of the way, you can bid and buy bulks of overstock inventory.


B-Stock is another great option for buying Amazon return pallets in bulk for residents of the United Kingdom. To sell its return pallets in the UK, Amazon partnered with B-Stock.

B-Stock runs liquidation auctions in many countries but only sells Amazon products to the US and Europe. The condition of the product on each pallet varies. They can vary from brand new to salvage as the criteria vary for each marketplace, so you have to apply to each marketplace individually.


Liquidation is another great option for those who want to buy Amazon return pallets in bulk. This company sells clearance lots from Amazon and various other companies. These lots are sold by truckload, pallet, or box.

The product that is sold varies in condition. Many are, however, in electronics, houseware, apparel, industrial, computer, and vehicle categories. Lots are sold by auction and bidding and this usually starts at $100.

Additionally, some lots are available for immediate purchase. To place a bid or make a purchase on Liquidation, you will need to register an account first. Non-US customers will be required to make wire transfer payments. It is also a requirement for purchases that are over $5,000.


BULQ is another US-based liquidation company where you can find Amazon return pallets. The company deals directly with retailers and sellers and one of those is Amazon. There are new products on the website three times a day.

Prices of these customer return pallets vary depending on the seller. Some prices are fixed, while others run through a 48-hour auction.

You necessarily do not have to register to browse the clearance section. However, if you find a product you would like to purchase, you will be required to register. Resale certificates are also part of the deal for all customers.

Returns or exchanges are not possible on pallets or lots and shipping is to US addresses only. The cost to ship a pallet depends on the weight, dimension, and distance from the warehouse to the address the product is being shipped.

How can I buy Amazon Return Pallets?

The procedure of buying Amazon returns pallets is straightforward. Before you can purchase returns from Direct Liquidation, you must first create a free account.

DirectLiquidation is a recognized liquidation company where you can acquire high-quality Amazon Return Pallets.

It should be noted that the best option to get Amazon return pallets is through liquidation companies. When looking for a product source, it is best to go with the most reputable supplier. Buyers of reputable liquidation companies receive specific benefits.

You can use the website’s search bar and drop-down category menus to browse the selection of Amazon returns before placing a bid once you’ve created a free account. You can also go directly to Direct Liquidation’s dedicated Amazon vendor page, which displays every boxload, pallet, and a truckload of Amazon Liquidations that Direct Liquidation currently has for sale.

The next step is to bid for the price once you’ve found a pallet of returns that you want. All that’s left to do if you win the auction is to pay for your items and arrange to ship.

Pallets purchased through the Direct Liquidation website can be paid for with a credit account, a credit card, or a bank wire.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Amazon Return Pallets: 

There are a few things to consider before you stake your money in an auction marketplace. 

Here are a few of them for the next time you want to buy Amazon return pallets:

Do your research

Buying and selling Amazon return pallets is not a walk in the park. If you want to buy from a liquidation company, try not to jump on the cheapest deal in town. Usually, these deals often come at an unreasonably low price because they have incurred damage or their quality.

Buy from reputable companies

There are many options for buyers of Amazon return pallets. However, ensure that you are buying from a company that has many reviews and has received high words of praise. DirectLiquidation, B-Stock, Bulq, and Liquidation are among the top options to consider.

Sort and Bundle

Sort through your pallet after you have purchased it to see what is inside. You will find that it is a good idea to sort the items into two piles – one pile for things that you can sell straight out of the box and the second pile for items that might need some kind of attention.

While looking at the items, consider whether some might be more attractive when sold as a bundle. And that brings us to the next.


One mistake you could make is to expect the products to come in perfect shape. While you may find those that are close to perfect, many will need to either be repaired or refurbished.

If an electronic comes with your lots and has developed a fault or another, you want to repair and refurbish it yourself, as this will save money. The repairs needed will often be minor, quick, and easy to fix.

Once you have done this, the products will be back up to factory specifications and have a higher sale value. If your pallets contain several similar faulty items, you might be able to take components from one model and use it to repair another and bring them up to spec.

When there is a broken product that cannot be repaired, keep hold of it as it could be very useful for spares and repairs.

Is it worthwhile to purchase Amazon return pallets?

Whether or not it is worthwhile to purchase Amazon return pallets will depend on your specific circumstances and goals. Some potential benefits of buying Amazon return pallets include:

  1. You may be able to find good deals on high-quality products that are sold at a discount due to being returned or having some sort of imperfection.
  2. Buying return pallets can be a way to source a large number of products at once, which can be especially useful for businesses that need to restock inventory quickly.
  3. If you are able to successfully resell the items in the pallet, you may be able to make a profit.

However, it is also important to consider the potential drawbacks and risks of buying Amazon return pallets, as mentioned in my next point below. If you are considering buying return pallets, it is a good idea to thoroughly research the process and to carefully weigh the potential costs and benefits.

Are There Side Effects Of Buying Amazon Return Pallets?

There are a few potential drawbacks or risks to consider when buying Amazon return pallets:

  1. The condition of the items in the pallet may be uncertain. Some items may be in new or unused condition, while others may be damaged or defective.
  2. You may not be able to return or exchange any of the items in the pallet if you are not satisfied with them.
  3. There is a chance that the pallet could contain items that are illegal, counterfeit, or otherwise not suitable for resale.
  4. You may need to invest time and effort into sorting through the items in the pallet and determining their value or suitability for resale.

Overall, it is important to be aware of these potential risks and to carefully consider whether buying Amazon return pallets is a good option for you.

How Much Do Return Pallets From Amazon Cost?

Amazon return pallets can cost anywhere from $100 and $2000 per pallet, depending on the brand, the products, their condition, and where they are being delivered. Never purchase a pallet that costs more than it does right now if you’re new to purchasing these return pallets.

What Products Are Available In Amazon Return Pallets?

What Products Are Available In Amazon Return Pallets?

Amazon return pallets are a collection of items that have been returned to Amazon by customers for various reasons. These items can include a wide range of products, such as electronics, home goods, toys, and more.

The specific products included in a particular return pallet will depend on the items that were returned to Amazon at the time the pallet was assembled. It is not possible to know in advance what specific products will be included in a given return pallet.

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