If you just got a job at Walmart, you may be wondering what Walmart employee dress code is.

Most companies, even the small ones, have dress codes. So surely, Walmart will have a dress code.

Are jeans allowed? Does Walmart adopt a strict dress code regimen? Is Walmart’s dress code formal, business casual, or casual?  If you want to know about Walmart’s dress code policy, then this article is for you.

So, what is the Walmart employee dress code? 

In this article, we will tell you what Walmart’s dress code is, and give answers to frequently asked questions about Walmart’s employee dress code.

Walmart Employee Dress Code In 2022

A dress code is a set of rules that companies like Walmart put in place to guide their employees on what is to be worn at work. It is a complete protocol that touches every aspect in terms of clothing and appearance considered by the company as satisfactory.

Towards the end of May 2018, Walmart relaxed the long-lasting dress code it had held on to.  Walmart associates were mandated to put on a khaki and a blue shirt. Coupled with a dress shoe every time they are in the stores before the relaxation of the dress code policy took effect. 

The dress code, then, was rigid and Walmart store managers were like fashion police to see that the Walmart dress code policy was observed by every associate in the store.

Walmart Employee Dress Code In 2022

The new Walmart employee dress code was adopted to make Walmart associates be themselves at the workplace. 

It was unveiled to make them feel included, confident, engaged, and more inspired to go out and meet people. 

The move for a change began after the Walmart management listened to a couple of feedbacks from its employees. 

Then, it kick-started the relaxation with a pilot phase in some stores before the full approval of a relaxed dress code.

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What Was The Previous Walmart Dress Code Policy?

The previous dress code at Walmart was that associates have to put on a blue shirt or white polo on a pair of blue, black, or khaki pants. Then, they have to put on dress shoes to complement the dress.

The Walmart dressing code then was for uniformity and it was pretty rigid. Even when associates were not fine with it, they had to conform to the rules.

All Walmart employees including the store managers were to abide by the policy. 

What Is The Relaxed Walmart Dress Code?

Now, Walmart associates can wear any denim jean so long as it is not ripped, unevenly patterned, or extremely flashy to draw attention.

What Is The Relaxed Walmart Dress Code?

Also, all shirts of any color can be put on by associates. Whether they are patterned or not, they are all accepted.

Furthermore, Walmart management can also wear sneakers like other hourly associates in place of dress shoes.

Moreover, Walmart employees can dye their hair, pierce their skin, and have tattoos in moderate manners. All these were done by Walmart to make their employees be who they are, not someone else when they are at work in their various Walmart stores.

Does Walmart Give Uniforms To New Associates?

Walmart still gives out its iconic vests and name tags to new employees. This ensures that customers can easily recognize Walmart associates, and can identify those that gave them great services. 

The vests and name tags are free but customizable at a fee.

Is The Relaxed Walmart Employee Dress Code For All Stores?

The relaxed Walmart employee dress code was adopted across all 4,700+ Walmart stores.

The store manager still has the right to adjust or modify the relaxed dress codes. The modified dressing code binds all Walmart associates in that particular store.

Are Ripped Jean, Sweatpants, And Leggings Allowed At Walmart?

Sweatpants, ripped jeans, and leggings are not part of Walmart’s dress code.

Walmart employees can put on plain jeans, and not any other jean type. Chinos, cargo pants, slacks, jeggings, and capris are still allowed to be worn.

You should consult your store manager to further understand the approved clothing. This will prevent unnecessary embarrassment at the store.

Can Shorts Be Worn By Walmart Associates?

Shorts are as well not allowed to be worn by Walmart associates. Although, this may not apply across all departments in the store; some sections or personnel in the Walmart store may be allowed to put on shorts that are close to the knee.

Are Sweatshirts, Hoodies, And Hats Allowed In The Walmart Dress Code?

The acceptance of sweatshirts and hoodies depends on the store manager. Some store managers may accept both sweatshirts and hoodies or either of the two. 

Other store managers may not accept any of the two.

Hats are not allowed in the stores, but Walmart baseball caps are allowed in most sections except for a few.

Can Walmart Employees Have Tattoos?

Walmart associates can have tattoos, but it has to be moderate and not vulgar. The relaxed Walmart dress code was to bring out who the associates really are and not who they are not.

Associates should ask their store manager the extent to which they can show their tattoos before they proceed to have one.

Does Walmart Allow Associates To Dye Their Hair?

Walmart associates can dye their hair using cool colors. 

Mixed and distracting hair dyes are not permissible. These hair dyes may irritate or distract some customers as well as associates.

And one of the reasons the Walmart employee dress code policy was relaxed was to make Walmart employees confident and in turn, make the confidence rub off on others as well.

Can A Walmart Employee Have Face, Ear, And Nose Piercing? 

Employees working at Walmart can have piercings anywhere they want but it has to be moderate. 

Walmart wants its associates to express their own style through their dressing and appearance after it relaxed the dressing code.

However, the piercing may be restricted in certain sections of the store, especially sections involving foods and utmost hygiene, to prevent contamination.


Even though Walmart has relaxed its employee dress code to make them feel included and confident, it still prioritizes safety and professionalism to the core.

One of the aims Walmart targeted with the relaxation is to let associates bring their whole selves and personality to the workplace which is good for the business, the employees, customers, and fashion itself.

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