Walmart is a multinational company that operates over ten thousand, five hundred and eighty five (10,585) stores in 24 countries of the world.

Thousands of orders are placed on a daily basis by customers who anticipate prompt delivery at the estimated time frame given by Walmart.

It could be very frustrating to be clueless about the progress of a particular order. Setting out time from a busy schedule to receive a package but realizing it has been delayed, postponed, canceled, or out of stock. 

In situations like this, you might get livid if you do not know the reason behind the delay of your order or the situation of things at that moment. 

This article will guide you on the ways you could track Walmart orders made by you, the reasons that could be behind the delay in your Walmart orders, the reasons customers track Walmart orders made by them, and other essential things you need to know.

How to Track Walmart Order

Walmart partners with different courier services to help dispatch orders to several destinations.

The courier dispatch services used by Walmart to dispatch orders varies from time to time depending on the size and weight of the package, most especially, the availability of the package to be delivered.

If you need to track a Walmart order, it is most advisable to use a multiple courier tracking website like Ship24

Walmart gave room for an outlet where customers can track Walmart orders made by them. Also, Walmart customers who experience complications with their order can utilize the track Walmart order platform to know the situation of things with the items they ordered.

It could be because their order was delayed or because one of the items they ordered is nowhere to be found, or because of any other reason. 

How to Track Walmart Order

Getting to track Walmart orders is an easy task if you follow the steps highlighted meticulously. Find out more reasons why customers may track Walmart orders below.

How to go about it? 

You can track your Walmart orders using three different methods;

  1. Using walmart mobile app
  1. Using walmart Website
  1. Using Ship 24.

Steps to Track Walmart Orders Using  Walmart Mobile app

  1. Open the Walmart app and log in.
  1. Click on Account.
  1. Tap on Purchase History.
  1. Scroll to the order that you want to track and tap on Track Shipment.

Steps to Track Walmart orders on the Walmart Website

  1. Log into your account and sign in.
  1. Select Account.
  2. Click on Purchase History.
  3. Locate the order you wish to track and click on Track Shipment.
  4. If you are tracking a guest order or not logged in, select the link to track and see the progress of the package.

Reasons customers may track Walmart Orders

A few reasons why customers may track Walmart orders have been explained below:

  1. Delayed Orders

Customers’ orders might get delayed for many reasons as was stated on the Walmart page. So, they could try to track Walmart orders made by them to know where the order is. The delayed order could be a;

  • Pre-transit order delays

This happens when the carrier company has received information about the package but has not scanned and picked it up. Walmart promises to send order update emails in real-time where you can track Walmart orders when this type of delay occurs.

  • Pickup delays

Walmart ensures customers get their orders as fast as possible and in the case of pickup delays, Walmart advises its customers to wait for the Ready for Pickup notification or use the Walmart check-in option before customers leave for the store and when they arrive at the store. 

If the delay is extended, Walmart urges the customer to call the phone number displayed in the app when they arrive at the pickup location to know the situation of things. This is another reason for customers to track Walmart orders.

  • Delivery delays

When customers fail to receive their order after the one-hour delivery window, Walmart advises the affected customer to contact customer care using the Contact us button.

  • Shipping and carrier delays

When shipping and carrier delays occur due to bad weather conditions, port congestion, labor actions, or any other reason, new estimated delivery dates are displayed in the order tracker and Walmart instructs customers to use the Contact us button if their tracking information to track Walmart orders made by them has not been updated for two business days or if it is two business days after the estimated delivery date.

  1. Failure to receive confirmed orders

Rarely, the tracking details of a package may show that the package has arrived but the customer is unable to find it—customers may try to track Walmart orders again to confirm. 

  • Walmart advises customers to look around the delivery location to see if they can find it somewhere close, ask those living in their household and neighbors or they wait for 2 business days to see if the package will arrive because sometimes, carriers may mark packages as delivered before they arrive at the location. If customers fail to receive the package after waiting for two business days, they should contact Walmart customer care by selecting Contact us on the app.
  1. Missing Item(s)

Customers may be prompted to track Walmart orders they impelled when they feel an item or items are missing from the orders they receive. 

Though, most customers are not aware that numerous items may be shipped from several warehouses and arrive in varied boxes on different dates.

Each package will have its tracking number; customers are advised to check their order tracking page to make sure the order was not split into different packages before they contact Walmart customer care using the Contact us button.

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Steps on How toTrack Walmart Orders

Just like the process of how you can edit or cancel Walmart orders, tracking Walmart orders is direct as well. 

You can either track Walmart orders directly on the walmart website or use the walmart app.

Also, an email with a tracking link is sent by Walmart as soon as your package ships, and you can use the link to track your Walmart orders and keep track of the progress of your package at any time. 

There are two ways to track Walmart orders, you can either use 

  • Walmart website or 
  • Walmart app in tracking your order 

Other Things You Need to Know About Walmart Delivery Services 

Although Walmart has several warehouses, storage points, and processing centers that assist with storage and ease in the rapid dispatch of parcels and packages, it still depends on the services of other courier companies like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more for the delivery of packages and products.

So consequently, when your package is being shipped and you need to track Walmart orders made by you, you might be linked to either of these courier companies.

Process of Walmart Delivery

An average Walmart store uses an average of 1 hour to 4 hours to process your order depending on the urgency of your delivery choice.

A unique Walmart tracking code that allows you to track Walmart orders made by you and also mark the product or package as yours is always attached to your package once an order is made by you at Walmart.

The unique Walmart tracking code is sent to you via email after your purchase has been confirmed and can be found on the Walmart website or the Walmart app.

Walmart utilizes in-house delivery and third-party courier delivery services as well which allows Walmart to deliver your product either via courier or postal service.

How Long Does Walmart Take to Ship?

Walmart has various options for shipping products and packages. The time or days Walmart uses to ship your products and packages will depend on the choice of shipping you pick.

Walmart offers free 5 shipping methods to its customers and customers have the choice to pick anyone that conforms to their needs the most; though terms and conditions apply.

Walmart offers the following shipping options which may be free or come at a little cost without being a member of any Walmart plus plan:

  1. Two-Day Shipping

Orders of $35 or more with individual items marked with 2-day free shipping which are available in millions on Walmart can get free 2-day shipping. Customers are charged $5.99 if their total order does not amount to $35.

  1. Standard Shipping

Customers get free shipping on every item or product they want that is not marked as two-day delivery. Walmart offers a free 3 to 5 days delivery for orders of $35 or above. 

Marketplace and freight items also measure toward the $35 minimum free shipping but the shipping is case-by-case depending on the location.

  1. Next-Day Shipping

Without a membership fee, customers can get their orders delivered on Walmart’s fastest delivery option. 

Unfortunately, it is restricted to qualifying ZIP codes, and the order minimum is $35 for eligible items. Items less than $35 will attract a surcharge of just $5.99.

  1. Freight Shipping

Customers who make big purchases can get their orders delivered through the freight shipping method. Although the price is at the discretion of the seller.

Other shipping options are expedited shipping and value shipping.

Why can’t I track my Walmart order?

There could be a few reasons why you’re unable to track your Walmart order. Here are a few possible explanations:

  • The order may not have been shipped yet.
  • Walmart may not have updated the order status yet.
  • The tracking number may not be valid.
  • The package may be lost in transit.

Also, another reason is that your order might be in the processing stage. Walmart orders in the processing stage do not have tracking information.

Once your order has passed the processing stage, you will receive an email containing a unique tracking number that will enable you to track Walmart orders, exclusively for that order.

If you’re having trouble tracking your package, contact Walmart customer service for assistance.

Does Walmart ship on Sundays?

Walmart does not ship during the weekend and on holidays. Orders made latest by 2 pm of the timezone of the delivery location will be shipped the following business day for next-day delivery and two business days after for 2-day delivery shipping.

How to Recover a Missing Order from Walmart?

In cases of a missing order, you will need to contact Walmart by clicking on the “contact us” Icon, you will be given an opportunity to converse with a Walmart representative.

You can as well contact the delivery company responsible for shipping your order to help you track your package destination. 

Missing orders may result from the fact that a large number of orders are shipped from different warehouses and in different boxes on different dates. In this case, each order will have its own tracking number.

All you need to do to recover your order is to check your order tracking page to ensure that your order was not split into multiple packages.

What Will Happen if a Walmart Order is not Picked up on Time?

If you are unable to pick up your order at the final destination, then Walmart stores will hold your order for a couple of days. 

If you exceed the time frame to pick up your order, then Walmart will term your order “abandoned” and your order will be shipped back to Walmart fulfillment center

You are entitled to a refund which will reflect in your account within 2-3 working days..

Final Words

You do not have to worry unnecessarily when you have no idea where your package or product is. All you have to do is to go to either your Walmart app or Walmart’s official website and track your order or know the reason it is being delayed.

You can as well use the link sent to your email to track as well. In situations where you return an item or product to the marketplace, do wait for 48 hours after the return to get the tracking information of your order before you contact Walmart.

In case you encounter any other issues with your order, do not hold back to contact Walmart custom service using the Contact Us button on the app or website and get your issues attended .

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